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Missed Masterpieces: Band of Horses

by Lane Heaps
- Posted // 2011-04-26 - Learn from my mistakes, people, like this one I keep making over and over again. I have kind of a hard and fast rule to never buy an album until it’s at least five years old; albums need to mature like good whiskey in order for you know if they’re in for the long run.

Every once in a while I break my own rule after hearing an entire album on a radio show or borrowed from a friend.

This happened to me when I bought the first album by the Band of Horses. Everything All the Time was not only a Masterpiece, with songs like “Part One,” “The Funeral,” and “The Great Salt Lake;” it also helped me through some very difficult months. I love the hell out of the album. It may have really, literally, saved my life.

So, the second album comes out, Cease to Begin, and the third album, Infinite Arms, comes out not long after that. I read (a great source all in all), and I discovered they put their check mark first on the second album and then the third album, meaning that album's the band’s best.

I read Rolling Stone magazine rants all about the second and third Band of Horses albums, that they’re oh-so-superior albums to the first.

So, I purchased the second and third Band of Horses albums, just waiting to experience a listening nirvana. Instead, I ended up thinking, what’s this shit supposed to be/mean?

Guess what kids? It wasn’t there. Neither the second, nor third, album were worthy of holding the first album’s jock-strap. I sold them, both for a loss; the first day I owned them.

Learn from my mistakes, kids: Don’t ever buy music you’re not sure what it really sounds like. And long live great albums like Everything All the Time—an absolute Masterpiece.

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Posted // April 28,2011 at 00:15

I don't know if BlackMamba is male or female - that's why I use it. I've let the world know what I am,


Posted // April 26,2011 at 22:21

I'll bet BlakMamba responds. I win either way. Because if responds I'll know it's still reading my shit, and if not, I don't have to hear from it.


Posted // April 27,2011 at 14:41 - Wow. That's depressing. If "it" comments, you win. If "it" doesn't, you win. At what point do you say,"You know, he's never attacked me, just some of the music I write about. He comments regularly with some apparent knowledge and interest of the music industry and this market. He might be the only poster who knows the music I'm writing about. Wait, wait! I know! I'll attack him! That'll show him!"


Posted // April 26,2011 at 17:54

I didn't lie on purpose, I just noticed today I still had it.


Posted // April 26,2011 at 10:02

I lied...I kept the Second Album too.