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Missed Masterpieces: Turn it up, man!

by Lane Heaps
- Posted // 2011-03-29 - Whether you’re 15 or 50, there’s a list of songs that evokes someone in your group to yell, “Turn it up!” And then no one talks until the song ends.

Many of these songs are universal, a few others are personal for you and your crew. Before the advent of the personal computer, you would buy an album just for that one song.

After yelling at your friends to turn it up, they either became believers of the song or start to anticipate the dance that’s coming.

Here’s my personal list:

“Godzilla” – Blue Oyster Cult

“Hair of the Dog” – Nazareth

“Nighttrain” – Guns and Roses

“Fat Bottomed Girls” – Queen

“Never Been Any Reason” – Head East

Anything off of Back in Black – AC/DC

“Road Cases” – Drive-by Truckers

“Communication Breakdown” – Led Zeppelin

“Bitch” & “Honky Tonk Women” – Rolling Stones

Anything from the first Clash album.

“C’mon C’mon” – The Von Bondies (the theme song from Rescue Me)

“Are You Gonna Be My Girl” & “Cold Hard Bitch” – Jet

“Alex Chilton” – The Replacements

“Even Flow” – Pearl Jam

“On the Way Out” – Freedy Johnston

“Beds are Burning” – Midnight Oil

“You Really Got Me” – Van Halen version

“Otherside” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Hey Hey My My (Into the Black) – Neil Young

“Brickhouse” – Commodores

That’s basically my list, naked to the world.

In 1979, my senior year of high school, I had a good friend who worked in one of the most popular night clubs in the Sugar House area. For some reason, a rich patron became good friends with my buddy. Friday nights he would loan us one of his expensive cars (BMWs, Mercedes, etc.) to take skiing the next day. The best place to listen to one of these “turn it up” songs was on the road between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon … at 140 m.p.h.

What’s on your “Turn it up!” list?

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Posted // April 4,2011 at 21:12

I have a few, but all I turn up is old stuff. Sad.

Bad Religion - Fuck Armageddon This is Hell

Murder City Devils - Broken Glass

Toadies - Tyler

Agent Orange - Living In Darkness

Heard some new stuff . . . Gallows - Misery.

Good list Lane. I think I have 3 of those albums. I must just listen to the same stuff over and over.


Posted // March 30,2011 at 09:22

I could fill the thread with titles but lists are a real problem for me if they go past five items. Then it becomes a memory exercise.

Atomic Rooster, Captain Beyond, Sons of Chaplain, Blue Oyster Cult's first album and nothing after that, some King Crimson, any Jeff Beck. . .see? This is what happens and I have to go to work.

Rock and roll isn't dead, Lane. It's just sleeping, again, like it did during the 80's and 90's when we traded a Marshall stack for stripper poles and choreographed dancers and shitty music. Who seeks out Zoey Dechanel or whatever her name is to hear her sing? Gwyneth Paltrow is a country singer now? Bullshit!


Posted // March 30,2011 at 08:19


Lane I bet you made wicked mixed tapes back in the day. "Turn it Up' reminds me of the K-Tel albumns I used to buy - how's that for a time warp. I would add The Who, "Don't Get Fooled Again" and "Throwing Stones" by the Grateful Dead but I am sure others will cry foul over these as well...


Posted // March 29,2011 at 20:14

I'm really geating my mind fucked here; I got one song negated, but nobody saying what gave them instent passion and joy. Is real Rock and Roll really dead? Has it really come dowm to the most cool is only the most obscure. You kids need a lot more street time and a little less computer time!


Posted // March 29,2011 at 16:40

I guess I didn't articulate this one very well. I'm not so intersested in where I got it wrong; I'm much more interested in where you got it right. Give me some more great "turn it up" songs!