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In The Loop: 6/6/09. Captain Captain, SCDG & Pride Away!

by Gavin Sheehan
- Posted // 2009-06-06 -

First and foremost, a quick look at the current look of the 337 Memorial Wall.

This weekend I made my way over to Captain Captain Studios for their Open House. Good eats and awesome showings. Some fun examples... a toy ninja with a plan from Jennica Sheets.

Patrick Munger showing off his new space with massive wall art.

Trent Call with a small glimpse of what we'll see at the Utah Arts Festival this year.

And Sri Whipple (who I'll chat with later this month) showcasing his works all around.

A lot of very cool works, which if you've got MySpace you can check out the giant album of photos here. Many thanks to the CCS artists for letting me run around and snap pictures.

This weekend also marks the Salt City Derby Girls double header at the Salt Palace tonight (doors kick open at 5PM). Then the two-day extravaganza known as Utah Pride 2009. Fun times to be had tonight, and remember to catch the parade tomorrow and the massive slew of local bands in the afternoon and evening! ...And while I can't formally condone it, if you see someone parading around with a sign filled with hate speech, it's not a crime to step on their toes by accident. At least not in Salt Lake County.

Coming up this week I'll have interviews with some of the bands at Pride, Lenitech, Dark Arts Fest, plus more on the way with ThatGuyGil, Tower Theater's Open Mic and looking over Summer Of Death. As always, we'll see what happens.

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Posted // June 7,2009 at 17:34

Blog looks fantastic, Gavin! Can't wait for the SOD interview.