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The Loop: 4/25/09. The Vacationing Bloggist

by Gavin Sheehan
- Posted // 2009-04-25 -

First things first, let's take a look at the recent addition to the 337 Memorial Wall.

  Good to see with the non-snowy weather that are additions being added to the property more and more. As for me though, I'm on vacation this week. Enjoying one of the few times in the year I get to kick back and do basically nothing. I'll still be doing blog entries for your reading enjoyment, but the majority of the time I'll be writing, working on other projects, and other important things as showcased in the photo below.

Also got some photos done with Cat Palmer, very fun session! I'll eventually load those over to MySpace for some viewing, but in the meantime, here's a picture of Cat as I take a picture of her. Taking a look at the flipside of the coin!

That's about all I got for this entry. I'll be updating the calendar during the weekend for most of May, and to keep in line with my vacation, the next couple weeks will be a total surprise! That's right, I'm not telling you yet because I don't know. But I have a rough idea and there will be some cool stuff in the next few weeks. You'll just have to browse on over to check out what I'm up to. So yeah... we'll see what happens.

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