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Roller Derby: SCDG Red, White & Bruised at The Complex

by Bill Frost
- Posted // 2011-07-14 - Saturday, July 9: The Salt City Derby Girls played an expo roller-derby bout in the tight confines of The Complex—flat-track-style; the previously announced banked-track is still in the “Coming Soon” stage.

Temp teams The Scars and The Bruises (fitting with the patriotic theme of “Red, White & Bruised”) faced off in the Grand Room of The Complex—it’s the largest room of the multi-space venue, but still a snug fit for a full-sized flat track and an audience. The blue-clad Bruises scored first, but Scars jammer RollerHer Kitty snatched the lead back for the red team within minutes. Then, Bruises jammer Bunz Bunny avoided hitting the too-close wall in the second turn by literally flying out the side door onto the Complex’s loading dock. Between the wall on the west side of the track and a metal post on the east, the track seemed only slightly less treacherous than the bizarro Mad Max tracks of the Jam City Rollergirls videogame for Wii (which is damned tricky—try it out).

Fast and furious scoring by Scars Tasta Pain, Lady Rage and RollerHer Kitty was answered jam-for-jam by Alevya Sufferin, Maruka and Bunz Bunny, swatting the lead back-and-forth for the entire first period. Score at Halftime: Scars 58, Bruises 47.

The see-saw scoring continued into the bout second half, with Alevya Sufferin and RollerHer Kitty racking up the majority of hard-won points. In the bout’s final minutes, with the Bruises up by a slight margin, Scars jammer Lady Rage nearly pulled out a “Do you believe in miracles?” moment with a scoring run that looked like it might have thrown the game back in the red. No dice: After some recalculating and recanting, it was a Blue Saturday. Final score: Bruises 125, Scars 122.

Next Salt City Derby Girls event: Not a bout, but a car-wash fundraiser at ATP (1356 E. 3300 South) on Saturday, July 23, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.—have to pay for that banked track somehow. Stay tuned for updates at, Facebook and Utah Roller Derby 2011.

Shots from Saturday’s bout by Liquor’n Shooter (Bruises in blue, Scars in red):











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Posted // July 16,2011 at 06:23 You have to question a league that does not follow USARS or WFTDA safety protocol. When the management of a league does not care about skater safety anymore what do you do? SCDG was packing in 1000 fans with their homes teams. This season they have thrown all that away to play banked track which we have yet to see. Billboards, parties, and advertising for something 8 months later is not here.


Posted // July 29,2011 at 13:57 - Medusa, you are one of theeee worst players I have ever seen. Lay off the pot and booze, and learn to REALLY skate. Wait... I don't think that would even help... Just quit.


Posted // July 17,2011 at 18:18 - Sounds like somebody's still butt-hurt about Wasatch getting OWNED by Salt City at Spudtown last year. Maybe you should spend less time talking meaningless shit and more time stepping up your game.