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Jazz's C.J. Miles drops tracks

by Rachel Piper
- Posted // 2011-10-05 -

What does Jazz forward C.J. Miles do when he’s not working out/tweeting/planning meals/waiting for the NBA lockout to end? Spit rhymes, of course.

A while ago, City Weekly discovered that Gordon Hayward has been spending the NBA offseason/lockout playing video games. C.J. Miles’ pursuits, which he tweeted yesterday, seem much cooler, and thankfully, he doesn't follow in the footsteps of Thurl Bailey's uplifting-sports-metaphor music. Listen below.


"Loud Thoughts"

So, what do you think? Should Jay-Z be worried? Though I don’t really buy that they’re freestyle, they're not bad. They're not about Miles' prowess on the court, which is a plus; both are rather introspective, with Miles identifying as a writer/illustrator/creator who races home after every game to get his thoughts and feelings down on paper.

These are the only tracks released so far, though Miles says, via Twitter: “I been sitting on these 2 tracks for a while too i have plenty of songs but ima save the actual songs for a later date.” Stay tuned.

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