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The 2010 Twilight Concert Series opening show

by Dan Nailen
- Posted // 2010-04-26 -

While we await official word from the Salt Lake City Arts Council on the details of this summer's Twilight Concert Series, details are popping on on various bands' Web sites—like who will play the first show July 8.

I just got a press release from SubPop band Avi Buffalo, whose debut album arrives Tuesday. And at the bottom, in the list of the band's tour dates, is a gig opening for Modest Mouse at Salt Lake City's Twilight Concert Series

As a long-time fan of Modest Mouse, even after they went major label, had a weird hit with "Float On" and had Johnny Marr join for a spell, I'm pretty stoked. Isaac Brock and Co. have never disappointed with their live shows, whether playing to a small club or a large theater. (I DID skip their McKay Events Center arena show in Orem a couple years back. I'm a fan, but I'm NOT a masochist.)

Last week I stumbled on the New Pornographers tour dates that included a July 29 Twilight Concert Series show, and She & Him is believed to be the season closer in August. So far so good. And hopefully this week we'll hear the entire lineup, not to mention the official word on WHERE it's going to be (although, after talking to some neighborhood business owners down there, THEY at least seem to believe it's going to be Pioneer Park). 

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Posted // May 3,2010 at 10:31

The complete lineup hasn't been announced, so I'm still hoping for some diversity. The problem with the show is that people aren't there for the music and make it difficult for fans of music to hear and enjoy the show. They need to start charging $10 for the area in front of the stage. Keep the area outside of that free. That way people can still attend and pay a small sum of money to enjoy the music or stay in the back area for free to socialize.


Posted // June 17,2010 at 18:09 - exactly so everyone just calm down and relax till they officially announce the artist alright, but i agree some hip hop would be great


Posted // June 9,2010 at 12:29 - Absolutely! Too many people don't even know who the bands are. Charge for the grass in front of the stage.


Posted // April 27,2010 at 06:11

Going to be any hiphop? tired of all the same music


Posted // April 30,2010 at 09:40 - I really don't care too much about hipsters, but the idiot frat boys and their dumb bimbos are what make the shows so annoying at times. Definitely should have at least one good original hip-hop act.


Posted // April 28,2010 at 10:17 - Just curious since you guys make it sound negative, what is your definition of a "hipster?" For Twilight, are they the frat brats who come down and drink until drunk and scream vulgarities?


Posted // April 27,2010 at 13:39 - Yeah the last 3 years have kicked some butt and bringing hip hop to the stage was so smart and each artist was sick! However I think this year is going to be totally different for many reasons- seems too hip for me and not as much of a variety, from what I've heard (little birds here and there). My guess is that the days of hip hop are dead and that the days of hipsters running this joint is on!


Posted // April 27,2010 at 08:53 - Last year they had Q-tip and the year before The Roots were here so my guess is that there will be at least one hip-hop show. Every year has seemed like a really good variety to me!


Posted // April 27,2010 at 08:47 - Totally agree, something tells me it's going to be a hipster fest this year! Urrghhh! Oh and I have a feeling hip hop at this event is dead, where's the creativity people - MM just played here and Neko Case the year before :(