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Dib dib dob dob

by Stephen Dark
- Posted // 2010-04-16 -

I was having dinner late last night when there was a knock at the door of my Sandy home. Two rather timid Boy Scouts inquired if I wanted them to put out the American flag on the various national holidays for just $40 a year.

Being a resident alien in this country, I don't possess an American flag. Nevertheless I felt a tad offended. Is patriotism really something you should sell? 

When I was a kid in England, I decided against the Boy Scouts in favor of the Boys Brigade, my old man's male child cult of choice. I usually ditched it to go to the movies or a pint down the pub in the days when underage drinking didn't land you in the clink. 

One month a year in the UK was Bob-a-job month, when boy scouts offered to do your household chores for a bob, slang for a shilling or five pence [7.5 cents]. In comparison to a bob, $40 going into the local LDS ward's boy scout troop's coffers is altogether a different league.

And why is it, might I add, that the boy scouts' are linked to the Mormon Church but not the girl scouts, of which my daughters are proud members? 

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Posted // April 24,2010 at 19:26

The reason is actually quite simple. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are completely seperate entities, with completely different organizational structures. Boy Scout Troops have to have a sponsoring organization, most of them are sponsored by religious or fraternal organizations. Girl Scout Troops, on the other hand, are never sponsored by any organization, religious or not. So even if the LDS Church wanted to sponsor Girl Scouts, they (along with everyone else) wouldn't be aloud to.


Posted // April 22,2010 at 11:37

Where as the Young Men/Aaonic Priesthood program used the BSA template for activities, the Young Women's program is all organic. The "church" own not Boy Scout camps runs no over night programs and when most boys turn 14 their Boy Scout days are done.

Young Women on the other hand are run at the Ward and Stake level. Every year from 12 to 17 there will be a week long "Girls Camp" at a facility owned and run by the "Church". There will be two Adult males to fight off bear and give priesthood blessing as needed, but other than that they stay in their tent and play cards. If your ward does do enough activities for your young women then do something about it. Go to the Bishop or Young Women's President and volunteer.


Posted // April 18,2010 at 22:13


The Girl Scouts (as a former GS leader, it is one of my favorite organizations) are feminist in their mission. They are about empowering girls and allowing them to reach their full potential--which may or may not include marriage and childbearing. This doesn't fit with official LDS views on females.

Hope the girls love Girl Scouts! Next year, call me at cookie time. I always buy.


Posted // April 16,2010 at 09:40

Jeez. The Scouts offered me that service for free. I didn't accept.

Girl scouts aren't held in the LDS bosom like the boys because the girls are girls. Women don't really count for much in that religion.


Posted // April 20,2010 at 11:20 - Darn tootin', Mamba. Good analogy.


Posted // April 20,2010 at 09:35 - SVB, I can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic. Mormon women are treated as equals, with respect, the way a farmer respects his brood mare or milk cow. Without them, he is screwed, but they can't go into town with him on the week-ends. My girlfriend was raised hard-core LDS in Provo and describes the outrageous belief that her late mother will share duties, under her husband's careful guidance, with his first dead wife. It haunted my girlfriend's mother that she would have to share the husband in Heaven with his first wife. But, I asked, what about your biological father who ran off with his assistant, married her and died? He was a faithful Mormon. Won't he get to share my girlfriend's mother in Heaven with his second wife, as well? It gets complicated then...big, gap-filling words like "faith" come to mind. I'm sorry, SVB, but I believe you have all been punked and pawned by a bunch of horny old men. They've actually created a fearful environment where you are seen as a servant of men and the families they have with you.


Posted // April 17,2010 at 09:16 - I know about the RS. I know why it exists and I know it's a large organization. I know that the RS often speaks, from the pulpit, about how to be better servants to family, husband, and god. Servants. I also know that women in the RS have no power within the religion, cannot give blessings, among other things, and cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without their men making it happen. What happens to women if their men don't call their names through the veil? Right. Women are second hand creatures within the LDS religion. They always have been. Men have the power, the priesthood, men write the rules, men run the church, men hold power over their wives both here on earth as well as in heaven (which is when those men that want to obtain the highest kingdom must accept at least two more wives for a total of three). Do women have any say in that matter? Nope. Talk about absurd...


Posted // April 16,2010 at 19:28 - That's absurd! The LDS has the largest women's orginization in the world. Women routinely preach from our pulpits and are among the speakers in our General Conferrences. Women are held in very high esteem in our faith.


Posted // April 16,2010 at 03:59

Ya might wanna send that question to the Vatican, brother