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Help Brewvies and fight stupidity

by Dan Nailen
- Posted // 2011-10-11 -

Many of City Weekly's staffers and readers enjoy visiting Brewvies Cinema Pub for a bite and a beer to go along with whatever drama, comedy or action flick is on the big screen. It's a place where adults can watch movies with other adults, and it's been that way ever since it opened in 1997.

But Utah's anti-alcohol lawmakers and the state's Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control apparently don't think the 21-and-older Brewvies fans are adults at all. The DABC has hit Brewvies with a ridiculous $1,627 fine for violating Utah's liquor laws prohibiting nudity and sex acts from happening in the same venue as where alcohol is served. The law was designed for strip clubs, but the DABC saw fit to set up a sting, sending Utah Highway Patrol officers to watch The Hangover II, and decided the nudity and "sex" in the slapstick R-rated comedy were a violation.

This fine is a farce nearly on par with the shenanigans of the movie's characters, not to mention a complete waste of time for the Utah Highway Patrol and a slap at a locally owned-and-operated small business in Utah. That's why City Weekly wants to help Brewvies pay its fine, and we're hoping fans of the place, or simply those who want Utah to start treating adults as adults, will pitch in. Will you join us?

There are two ways to donate:
1. Go to this page to make PayPal online donation through Send to
2. In-person cash donations at any of City Weekly's Brewvies events. Check our street-team calendar for the next event: click here.

Each donation of $5 will enter you into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to Brewvies. Prize will be awarded once our fundraising goal is met. Prize is provided by the CW Store. 

Brewvies didn't ask City Weekly for help, but something this asinine definitely needed to be addressed. And if we're successful at raising enough money to pay the Brewvies fine, we'll keep looking for other outrageous DABC fines to help pay. 

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Posted // November 14,2011 at 20:15 Why is this story not in the news!!! Ubelievable!! Time to Get Gephart or somebody!!


Posted // November 4,2011 at 14:44 F*** the UHP. Bunch of thugs who can't get real jobs. "Go shake down 7-11 for a day old weiner."


Posted // October 12,2011 at 18:39 This is so utterly asinine, and deeply disappointing. My State - a farce within a tragedy. Thanks, City Weekly, for pushing this fund.


Posted // October 11,2011 at 17:20 Occupy Brewvie's.


Posted // October 11,2011 at 15:09 Unbelievable. Utah's legistators must have planned this caper during the last Mormon Conference whilst high on the Spirit.

Since when is the UHP the DABC's bitch, hired to do their dirty work for them? You'd think the UHP has better things to do with their time but I guess not.


Posted // October 11,2011 at 15:13 - Legistator. That really does describe Utah's religi, er, political leaders in that they are little more than potato heads in disguise, some not so disguised at all - see Herbert for example.