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The City Weekly Music Awards' Three Finalists

by Dan Nailen
- Posted // 2011-02-14 -

After a second weekend of stellar showcases, featuring some of the best local tunes Utah has to offer, the votes have been tallied. And after counting up the online votes and the in-person ballots cast at the showcases, the three finalists are...

The Lindsay Heath Orchestra, King Niko and Cory Mon and the Starlight Gospel!

All three acts managed to combine an active online push for votes with drawing a crowd to their respective showcases, and the effort paid off. They will all perform this Saturday at The Complex's Vertigo Room, along with DJ Flash n Flare, the winner of this year's CWMA DJ Spinoff. (Speaking of the DJ Spinoff, if you want to hear Flash n Flare's winning set, you can check it out right here.

Here's a review of Lindsay Heath Orchestra's Saturday night showcase at The Woodshed. And right here is a review of the showcase both King Niko and Cory Mon and the Starlight Gospel played last weekend at the Avalon Theater.

The ultimate winner will be the band that gets the most votes at the final showcase Saturday night, so bring your friends, and tell the neighbors: There's a party on Saturday and the bands want to see you there. You can find more info on the CWMAs here, and the doors open at The Complex Vertigo room at 9 p.m.; cover is $10.

See y'all Saturday.

The City Weekly Music Awards' Three Finalists

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Posted // February 15,2011 at 15:28

once again this shows.... its not who votes, its who counts them.


Posted // February 16,2011 at 23:14 - wouldn't hurt to know how to hit those notes either, soul sister.


Posted // February 15,2011 at 15:42 - seriously? don't be sad you lost.. there is always next year..


Posted // February 15,2011 at 15:37 - and whose balls are the most visible through white pants


Posted // February 15,2011 at 09:57

Through the years, City Weekly has tried several different ways to pick the winner, from having a panel of judges pick to the current style of having the public decide via online votes and in-person votes at the shows. We currently count every vote cast at a showcase at twice the value of an online vote, to try and keep it equitable between bands with a big online presence and those with a big crowd who shows up to see them.

Obviously no system is perfect, but this seems the most democratic, in that every band has a chance to appeal to the public via the ways they're most comfortable--whether that's rallying the people to the shows or getting them to vote online. Or, optimally, a combination of both.


Posted // February 18,2011 at 12:45 - MadonnaBee's


Posted // February 15,2011 at 08:53

It seems to me that the acts that learned how to stuff the online votes really came out ahead here, perhaps with the exception of King Niko, who I fully expected to make it this far. Surprised not to see Fox Van Cleef or Palace of Buddies.


Posted // February 14,2011 at 19:43 so its a who can get the most friends and family i saw bronco shark speed @ holy water buffalo on a thursday @ a metal bar [great stage and sound guy] but maybe 50 people now i read and respect the weekly i don,t get that your people who are well respected can,t come up a better way to judge something like this sort of thing


Posted // February 14,2011 at 22:03 - And yet it's still more legit than the Grammys.


Posted // February 14,2011 at 17:53

I don't understand...I thought the review for King Niko and Cory Mon's night said that they played to a crowd that petered in slowly and that it was a hard time to get people there.


Posted // February 14,2011 at 18:03 - well.. the bands were judged on both online votes, and votes during the shows. Cory Mon had a crowed the petered in ( which is what the article states, not for the whole show ), but a huge online presence. King Niko had quite a few more people at the show, but not as many online votes..