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Sheldon 'Metal God' Killpack

by Josh Loftin
- Posted // 2010-01-20 -

Senate Republicans elect a new leader to replace hair-band loving former leader.

Sen. Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, was elected the new majority leader for the Senate. Rep. Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, is the new majority whip, and Sen. Pete Knudsen, R-Brigham City, who was the majority leader a few years ago, is the assistant whip.

Jenkins replaces former Sen. Sheldon Killpack, who resigned over the weekend after being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. Details have been trickling out since then about his wild night out, which started at a boxing fundraiser hosted by Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper. No alcohol was served at the event, but afterwards Killpack and another former legislator, Mark Walker, went to Liquid Joe's for a concert by Metal Gods.

Yes, Liquid Joe's, and Metal Gods. A tribute band in a bar, on a Thursday night. Killpack apparently still thinks he's in college.

I have maintained, until now, that I guessed Killpack was watching the Jazz game, which ended just before midnight. It made logical sense, at least to me, considering my own disdain in my mid-30s for getting drunk watching a cover band. (Okay, I've always had a severe dislike of "tribute" bands).

So, apparently I was wrong.

As for his taste in music ... well, I listened to a lot of hair "metal" as a teenager, only to have it obliterated by Pearl Jam's Ten, Nirvana's Nevermind, and a great college radio station at Gonzaga University in 1993. Now, aside from a few minutes here and there watching VH1's "classic" rock videos, I seldom listen to anything from the late-80s that involves make-up and power chords.

Oh, and one last bit of delicious irony about the Killpack resignation: One of the other legislators seeking to replace him in the Senate is Rep. Curt Oda, who has never denied that he drinks socially. That has been overlooked by delegates in his House seat, however, because he is very conservative on most other issues, especially guns.

Finally, just in case Killpack is reading this, to help ease his pain a little, I have included a video of Metal Gods performing the Judas Priest classic, "You've Got Another Thing Coming."

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Posted // January 20,2010 at 16:56

"Okay, I've always had a severe dislike of "tribute" bands."

Dude! You're cracking me up. And the only thing worse than getting drunk to a tribute band is getting drunk to karoke.

And, true to form, this band is ruining a terrific hard rock tune by using a rythym I like to call Tribute Rythym #2-Too Goddam Slow.

I can see these two conservative tools, bobbing their heads, standing around trying to hide their drinks, ogling the hot chicks, tying their ties around their heads and doing a kind of an Undertaker Screwball waltz; maybe Walker was doing The Robot.

CW should post a reward, ala Larry Flynt, for any young tamales to come forward who were groped, licked, pinched or otherwise made to feel dirty and scared by these two. Make a helluva follow up story.