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Posted // June 8,2009 at 07:51

But Joe you ARE mislseading your readers because you claim that NO ONE from the president's administration said that this PLAN would cap unemployment and then you link TO THE COMMENT. The bottom line is that they DID say that in pushing for their plan.

Parse the words all you want but the office of the President Elect did say just what Representative Chaffetz said.

Oh and yes I DID click on your links. Your powers of assumption need to be sharpened a bit.



Posted // June 8,2009 at 23:08 - Let's not make this personal. I found *no* statement, not one direct quote, by the President or anyone on his staff that said unemployment would reach a cap or "never" exceed a specific number. The January Romer report was not legislation, it was a plan based on old and optimistic data that was supplanted by new economic figures in the final stimulus bill. If the GOP wants to criticize the effectiveness of the stimulus, they should use the data from the bill, not an outdated report that was written before President Obama even took office. The administration, while trying to be optimistic, has not denied the souring economic outlook over the last six months. And I don't think I'm parsing words, which by it's very definition would not be a misleading practice as to parse includes describing syntactic roles of words and not taking them out of context. I am dealing with facts and providing sources for my information that do not remove those facts from their original context, giving the reader the option of disregarding my work entirely and coming to their own conclusion. Chaffetz doesn't do that. He includes only what figures support his argument, even if they're completely irrelevant to the subject at hand and offers his readers nothing in the way of credible and vetted sources to back up what are little more than suppositions. This isn't only irresponsible for a man in his trusted position but it's insulting to the people that he represents to treat them like children who should only count on what he says to be true when it is obvious that he is beholden more to a political agenda than to the interests of his constituency. One final remark about my writing and methodology. I am a journalist and I apply my journalistic training to everything I write, especially editorial content. And it would appear that someone on the City Weekly staff sees some merit in my writing and my research since they think it's worth including on the Salt Blog daily feed. By the way, thanks for using what appears to be your real name. I'm still waiting for arc to take his virtual mask off. ;-)


Posted // June 7,2009 at 20:14

Joe, Joe, Joe,

You appear to read looking for an area to complain about, before you start.

Jason got the graph from the Ways and Means Committee. You seemed to leave that out.

And no, Jason has never paid me a dime. I would show up on an FEC form as receiving money from Jason, and I am not there.

One is wondering why you spend so much time on this issue. I voted for the guy. What is your excuse?


Posted // June 7,2009 at 23:46 - Arc, click on the link in paragraph six and you will see the original document from which the Republican Ways and Means web site got their graph. The link has been there the whole time, if you had just clicked on it, you would have known and saved yourself the embarrassment of having to be corrected in a public forum... again. And I don't just complain about Chaffetz. Those are just the post you read and comment on. If you take some time to go through my other posts you'll find a few where I give him kudos for things that I think he's doing right. I voted for Jason too, when he promised that he was a different candidate than Chris Cannon. Since he's been in office, all I've seen is a reincarnation of Chris Cannon. Just another GOP loyalist who puts the party before the people. I keep track of what the Congressman says and does because somebody has to and open minded people want to know when they're being lied to and since I'm the type of person who does research and fact-checks statement made by politicians, I keep catching Chaffetz telling lies to his constituents. What type of person would I be to keep that kind of information to myself?