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LDS Proxy Baptisms Are in the News ... Again

by Brandon Burt
Posted // 2012-01-27 -

Argh! The media's prurient interest in an innocuous sacred LDS Temple ordinance has, once again, reared its ugly head.

What is it about Proxy Baptisms -- aka "Baptism for the Dead" -- that remains so fascinating to non-Mormons? This time, the issue is linked to Republican presidential nominee hopeful Mitt Romney, who participated in the rite -- as did most people who grew up as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Heck, I myself participated on two occasions -- and, honestly, it's not as scary as it sounds. There are no black robes or necromantic incantations, unless you count quickly garbled prayers followed by the reading of names off a list and a series of fast dunks in the warm waters of a really cool-looking baptismal font as "necromantic." It was just a bizarre shared experience that I and the other slightly embarrassed adolescents from my church youth group tacitly agreed never to speak of again. Afterward, we all went to Lagoon, which helped put the whole thing out of our minds.

Still, I'm flattered that a HuffPost article about presidential politics linked to my very own 5 Spot piece -- a little Q&A with Helen Radkey from last autumn. Nice!

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Posted // January 29,2012 at 15:15

Baptism for the dead is a beautiful ordinance that shows the fairness of God.  

Some religions believe that God arbitrarily elects some souls to damnation or salvation without any free will being exercised on the part of the individual.  That's not fair.

Others preach that salvation comes simply for believing in Jesus, but if you happened to be part of that unfortunate half of humanity that died before Jesus ever showed up, oh well!  That was just some bad luck.

God is not arbitrary and he will give every soul the opportunity to learn about him and the means to find a glorious eternal life.  He is fair and just.

The Bible teaches that a person must enter into a covenant with God via baptism.  For those who learn the gospel as spirits after their mortal lives, there must be a way to provide this ordinance for them.  This is what proxy baptism for the dead provides--a baptism for those who might need it on the other side.

For those who are interested in some scriptures related to the topic, get your Bible and look up:

John 5:25, 28-29

1 Peter 4:6

1 Peter 3:18

1 Corinthians 15:29


Posted // January 28,2012 at 20:36

If we're going by fact: RMoney evidently participated in a religious rite which violated the wishes and beliefs of his deceased father-in-law in accordance to RMoney's own personal beliefs? Usually I would say religion is private. But I must ask myself can such a man with those beliefs truly value the rights and choices of others enough to objectively run this country and it's military? Will the USA embark on a MISSION to save souls across the globe dead or alive? Will the deceased service members suffer the indignities of a secret-baptism? These are valid questions as this man is seeking to be the LEADER of the USA and has stated he will govern in accordance with his religious beliefs.


Posted // January 30,2012 at 08:46 - Romney's wife and her family, including Ann's mother decided to have her father's temple work done (which includes not only baptism, but sealing her mother to her father and her siblings to her parents). This was a decision done by their immediate family.


Posted // January 28,2012 at 10:30

After I die, they can do a proxy dunk in my name all they want, as long as they leave me alone while still living.