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Acquitted: But What About the Children?

by Brandon Burt
- Posted // 2009-09-26 -

Well, that's a big relief.

At times during the past week, I've found myself doubting the judicial system -- but the Bell verdict has restored a lot of people's faith. What nobody seems to be wondering is: What will happen to those poor kids?

It seems unlikely that there will be any apologies forthcoming from Lulu Latu and her friends for putting Bell through all this. When prosecutors failed to lock Bell up for 30 years, Lulu's response was to run down the hallway in hysterics (seen in this Fox 13 video at about 2:15):

Indeed, it seems jurors were not amused that the case was brought to trial at all, going so far as to speculate how much the proceedings must have cost the taxpayers.

I'm concerned at how much the whole business has cost poor Bell. I'm sure with the support of family and friends, he'll now be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered life -- but how can Lulu Latu and all the others possibly repay the 14 months of hell he has undergone? What about the damage to his public reputation? And what about the lasting injuries -- including rumored possible brain damage -- Bell sustained from the senseless beating? 

And there's one more question that has been absent from these proceedings: namely, what about the children? Now that it has been ascertained that there was no kidnapping, how could these small children have been allowed to wander away from the fold during an all-night party and find themselves in a neighboring house? 

It's lucky that the kids wandered over to the house of nice people like Bell and Dan Fair -- but what if, instead, they had wandered into a crack-den, or worse? I only hope for the kids' sake that their parents can be trusted to stop this behavior of hanging out with fag-bashers and allowing their children to venture out God-knows-where at all hours of the night. 

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Posted // September 29,2009 at 04:46

LOL. Yeah, apparently the "I don't remember" defense didn't go over well with the jury, either.


Posted // September 28,2009 at 10:10

Hmm. I wonder if "I don't remember" would work for other crimes? Anyone? DA's office?


Posted // September 26,2009 at 16:36

The Latu family "doesn't remember" beating DJ and Dan?


They don't remember trying to cut off a toe, beating someone over the head with a television set, pounding DJ's head into the concrete?

Wow. They must have been REALLY drunk!

When does the CPS investigation start?

There were pro-defense witnesses who were never interviewed by the DA's office. When do we hear from them? How many other drunken parties have been held at the Latu home?


Posted // September 26,2009 at 09:06

WHAT ABOUT THE ASSAULT? Why isn't Latu's family being brought up on assault charges?


Posted // September 29,2009 at 04:42 - Yeah, the SSLPD dropped the ball on the assault investigation ... some people say they were just waiting to see how the DJ Bell trial turned out. Go figure. If they don't pick up that investigation now, I think there will be a pretty impressive uproar, though! What do you think?