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Winning: SPJ Headliners chapter honors local journalists

by Jerre Wroble
- Posted // 2012-06-16 -

City Weekly staffers brought home a six pack of top prizes from the Utah Headliners Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists at its annual awards reception at the Fort Douglas Officers Club on Friday, June 15. In addition, staffers and City Weekly garnered 17 second-place, third-place and honorable mention awards.

City Weekly competes in Division A, the category of newspapers with circulation of 50,000 or more, meaning it's a four-way fight between us and the Trib, the Deseret News and Standard Examiner.

Our website and blogs were up against all comers.

Happily, we can report the following first-place winners:

BUSINESS/CONSUMER REPORTING: Sarah Kramer, City Weekly, "Nuclear Deal"
Judges wrote: Great reporting and solid writing make this entry stand out.

MILITARY REPORTING: Matthew D. LaPlante, City Weekly, "Special services"
Judges wrote: A thorough examination of the questionable trend toward court systems for specific constituencies. Excellent and well-written narrative.

PERSONALITY PROFILE: Eric S. Peterson, City Weekly, "Chaffetz revealed"
Judges wrote: An engaging read backed by thorough reporting and some spunky style and observations.

HUMOR/LIFESTYLE COLUMN: Scott Renshaw, City Weekly, "The 40-year-old coffee virgin"
Judges wrote: Fun and funny column, with some history of local culture and social mores blended into the story.

BEST OVERALL BLOG: Colin Wolf, City Weekly, The Secret Handshake
Judges wrote: This blog is all personality. It's hilarious, has great content, is creative and conversational.

BEST SINGLE BLOG POST: Colin Wolf, City Weekly, The Secret Handshake
Judges wrote: Wolf had the winning combo of engaging writing and multimedia aspects woven through the story to move along the narrative.

We congratulate all six on winning big and let the ever-eloquent Charlie Sheen explain why it matters.

Those robbed of glory, er, runners-up for the Headliners' contest include:

2nd — Stephen Dark, City Weekly

2nd City Weekly

3rd — Stephen Dark, City Weekly, "Burned Out Cop"

3rd — Scott Renshaw, City Weekly, "Harry Potter: The Boy Who"

2nd — Austen Diamond, City Weekly, "Golden Voices"

3rd — Eric Peterson, City Weekly, "Zombie Homes"

Honorable Mention — Austen Diamond, City Weekly, "Whittle Me This"

2nd — Eric Peterson, City Weekly "Bad Call"

3rd — Dan Nailen, City Weekly "The New U"

2nd — Eric Peterson, City Weekly, "Fix It Man"

Honorable Mention: Stephen Dark, City Weekly, "Neighborhood Watched"

2nd — Stephen Dark, City Weekly, "Immigrant Goal"

3rd — Stephen Dark, City Weekly, "Tainted Saint"

2nd — Stephen Dark, City Weekly, "Mormon Celebrity Meltdown"

2nd — Jesse Fruhwirth, City Weekly, "Yoganomics"

3rd —

2nd — Gavin Sheehan, City WeeklyGavin's Underground

Congrats to our hardworking staffers, freelancers and intern (yes, an intern won first place. Good one, Sarah Kramer!). And to the assemblage of local journos who participated in the Headliners contest, we salute you, too, but look sharp. We'll be back for more.

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Posted // June 19,2012 at 13:15

you competed and won against the trib, deseret news, and standard examiner, and youre bragging? thats like me feeling proud that i can make a burger that tastes better than a warm bowl of pureed cat rectum and buttermilk. youre often saying how crappy these other papers are but youre proud to beat them in a contest? oh blessed mediocrity! how did you do this year with the 2012 alt weekly awards? didnt see your paper mentioned as a finalist in any of the categories. maybe you were too busy competing with the standard examiner.


Posted // June 20,2012 at 16:24 -

Thanks, Anonymous, for giving me a reason to further highlight the staff's wins at the regional SPJ contest -- the Top of the Rockies -- in April (where we competed with papers in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming). There, we brought home three 1st places and 15 runners up.

And you're correct, we haven't lately competed in the Association of Alt Newsmedia contest. How very "inside baseball" of you to notice. Believe it or not, our robust circulation makes us compete with papers like the Village Voice, LA Weekly, Philadelphia City Paper and Miami New Times. We obviously represent a different market.

Thus, we'd rather use our scant competition dollars in our own region and city. That's where our focus always has been. And we do like to compete in local SPJ contests.

***Here are this year's Top of the Rockies winners:

**Political Feature Writing:

1st Place: Eric S. Peterson, Erik Daenitz, for Chaffetz Revealed

3rd Place: Jesse Fruwirth, Melissa Dow, for The Limbo Party

**Business Feature Writing:

1st Place: Matthew D. LaPlante, for Swift Justice

**Arts and Entertainment Reporting:

1st Place: Scott Renshaw and Erik Daenitz, for The 40-year-old Coffee Virgin

2nd Place: Geoff Griffin, Kathleen Curry, for Elders Over Broadway

**News Reporting, Single Story:

2nd Place: Stephen Dark, for An upcoming vote on the future of Salt Lake City

**News Feature:

2nd Place: Stephen Dark, for Sealed Fate

**Investigative Reporting:

2nd Place: Eric S. Peterson, for The Fix It Man

**A&E criticism:

2nd Place: Scott Renshaw, for The Boy Who

**A&E Features, Food and Beverage Reporting:

2nd Place: Randy Harward, Ted Scheffler, Jeff Drew, for Proof God Loves Us

**Business Reporting Feature Writing:

2nd Place: Dan Nallen, for The New U

**Business Investigative/Enterprise Reporting:

2nd Place: Eric S. Peterson, for Bad Call

**Environmental Feature Writing:

2nd Place: Sarah Kramer, for Nuclear Deal

**Law & Order Feature Writing:

3rd Place: Matthew D. LaPlante, for Special Services

**Sports Reporting—Feature Writing:

3rd Place: Stephen Dark, Erik Daenitz, for Immigrant Goal


**General Website Excellence:

2nd Place: City Weekly


2nd Place: Colin Wolf, The Secret Handshake

**Multimedia Story:

2nd Place: Stephen Dark, Erik Daenitz, for Immigrant Goal


Posted // June 16,2012 at 22:41

Thank you, Jerre for shepherding this great reward for your staff's hard work. And congrats to all you in the edit dept. for what I think is a record haul for City Weekly.