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Salt Lake City: We Heart Cheating

by Jerre Wroble
Posted // 2012-02-14 -

The people of Salt Lake City are known for many splendored things. Today, we are known for our roving eyes and keystrokes. According to an article in USA Today, Salt Lake City residents rank fourth in the nation as members of, a site that facilitates "discreet" encounters. In other words, we cheat, just like folks in Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Texas, and Phoenix who rank ahead of us.

The site is expecting a banner day tomorrow, the day after Valentine's Day, when the disillusioned married folk among us will venture out in search of romance and, it turns out, simple appreciation. Those operating the site argue that cheating can actually strengthen a marriage.

It's not like the concept is a trial balloon; is a $60 million enterprise.

It makes you wonder about the couples you see on TRAX and in the audience at a Jazz game. How many are making plans for a secret rendezvous?

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.

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Posted // February 15,2012 at 11:32

Here's the other stat about Utah members of Ashley Madison from a friend who was doing research to write an online dating column last year: Most men are there to cheat physically if they get a chance. Most women are there for cybersex, only, and hooking up is the last thing on their minds. Even the ones who pose scantily clad and say that they want "descreet sexual encounters" are only interested in cyber sex.

Remember, this is socially-sexually repressed Utah, so Utah County has the highest subscription rate, per capita, of adult cable channels in the country, BYU co-eds think oral sex isn't really sex and the idea most Utah women have in their married minds when they join AM is to sneak a few naughty words online with some horny idiot who's whacking it while they pretend to have pretend sex.