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Ben Fulton Seen in a Mall

by Jerre Wroble
- Posted // 2011-11-22 -

Ben Fulton, City Weekly's editor from 2003 to '07, now serves as the theater, books and arts reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune. Curious readers and staffers might relish a little facetime with Fulton in the Trib article about him shopping at Fashion Place mall, titled "The Reluctant Shopper."

His quirky face and persona, as can be seen in the photo above -- from a City Weekly summer guide -- have long inspired art directors and staff photographers.

As odd as it was to imagine him ripping weeds out of his backyard with a pitchfork, it is even more curious to imagine Fulton, the patron saint of steamed broccoli, feeling nostalgic about sipping Orange Juliuses in a mall.

Ben, we hardly knew ya.

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