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Laughing at Mormonism: A National Pastime

by Jerre Wroble
- Posted // 2011-11-07 -

Just when you thought that Trey Parker and Matt Stone had mined all of the Mormon comedy gold remaining in the ether in South Park's Season 7 "All About Mormons" and the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon -- to say nothing of gut-splitting bits by Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and even that mean-spirited Bill Maher -- along comes Pete Kotz with Village Voice Media who writes an entertaining blog (that's been picked up by alt-weeklies across the country): "Can Mormons Be Trusted? A Shallow Guide to Managing Your Most Ill-Informed Fears."

One can only wonder how much satirical skewering the LDS Church will take before its tilt light comes on. Its "measured" response to the Book of Mormon the musical is what some might call "being a good sport." After all, Mormons are among those lining up at the Eugene O'Neill Theater on Manhattan's 49th Street to pay top dollar to see what all the hullabaloo is about. Getting people to talk and think about Mormonism is the stuff of missionary mojo. Certainly, a mark of strength is being able to take a good-natured drubbing.

But when does, "We're a worldwide religion -- we can laugh at ourselves" turn into "Ain't funny no more --you're going down." Take it from City Weekly -- we've been on this story for 27 years and counting -- the day of "we've lost our sense of humor" will come. But can the church maintain its composure until the 2012 Republican convention?

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Posted // November 9,2011 at 15:10 The problem with City Weekly is that your publication has lost any pretense of objectivity. The blatant anti-Mormonism of your writers has just gotten old. You folks are just too predictable, which translates to boring.


Posted // November 10,2011 at 15:12 - And I'm sure you're going to stop reading it, right? Or do you admit to reading "boring and predictable" stuff.. .on purpose?


Posted // November 9,2011 at 12:29 I think it is like Weird Al Yankovic's "Amish in Paradise". We just keep laughing and smiling at the jokes and barbs, knowing that someday the Lord will crush all the Bill Mahers in the world. And then we'll see who is laughing!


Posted // November 8,2011 at 23:26 This is no laughing matter -exposed www(dot)squidoo(dot)com/mormon-church


Posted // November 10,2011 at 16:04 - When you are done with the stuff published by people making money on bashing others beliefs go to:


Posted // November 7,2011 at 22:16 It's just the way we are, really just don't make fun of my wife or kids that's where we draw the line. Our families are what counts, of course you are going to make fun of my church! Jesus was mocked till the end! We expect it. Love ya!


Posted // November 8,2011 at 13:57 - Lol, Salami and cheese! And yes I'm a sheep. And I know my shepard.


Posted // November 8,2011 at 13:17 - Sure, Willy, sure. Fact is, you're sitting down to lunch right now. Care for more cheese? Like another carrot?

Baaaa ya later. Love ya!


Posted // November 8,2011 at 13:03 - No, not sheeple, we are people who like to talk religion. We sit down together at lunch, dinner, parks, etc. We love each other and want better lives for all. We win when people are happy, living God's plan. We sometimes look silly today because we actually do care.


Posted // November 8,2011 at 11:30 - Oh Lordie. Can't you see you're being used?

I read this article in the SF Weekly a week ago. It was funny then.

But go ahead, sheeple, go ahead: Take the bait, bite the cheese, nibble the carrot. Make asses of yourselves and argue religion. I'm sure one of you will win the argument. Eventually. If you're witty and clever enough. Yep.


Posted // November 8,2011 at 11:02 - Yes it was after his mocking, "other Sheep to visit", he did talk about it. And I bet the golden plates are next to the ten commandments. Oh, do you need to see those as well? Ever wonder what happend to the white people Columbus saw on the outlying islands? How about when Cortez landed the natives worshiping him as the great white God that was to return? Or perhaps the fact Catholic bishops records that the natives were performing baptisms and had a word for them that meant "to be born again"? Make fun of us all you want, I'm cool with it.


Posted // November 8,2011 at 09:55 - Jesus was indeed mocked until the very end. But I wonder if it was before or after his vacation to North America to chill with the Native Americans? FYI, are you guys absolutely sure we can't check out the Golden Plates? Not even on an episode of Sntiques Road Show?