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New Year's Resolution: Run for Re-Election

by Jerre Wroble
- Posted // 2011-01-02 -

There's no time like the present to announce your candidacy, even if it's the day after New Year's -- and the Sabbath, no less: Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker announced via press release that he's got resolve for a second term.

In an understated style far different than his predecessor, Rocky Anderson, Becker has toiled quietly behind the scenes to keep the streets safe and clean and occasionally surprise citizens with an innovative initiative or two. Among his other first-term achievements, he takes pride in the mutual-commitment registry and nondiscrimination ordinances, lifting the city’s two-bars-per-block restriction, helping push ahead the airport TRAX and Sugar House streetcar developments, and working up the public's dander on topics such as the public safety building, alcohol normalization, the Utah Performing Arts Center, and sustainability ordinances.

Becker is a former Utah House member, where he served for more than a decade, including as Minority leader.

So who's willing to do battle with Ralph? Will he get it easy or is a heavyweight waiting in the wings? Political soothsayers Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb looked at the mayor's race in a November 21 Deseret News article here. You can check out Becker's campaign Website here.

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Posted // January 2,2011 at 21:20

Becker hired Harry Reid's campaign manager to run this. The Tribune reported an 84% approval rating. I don't buy that for a second. If it's such an easy win why hire Mr Hall? He must cost a fortune.

Nobody in my family is in love with Ralph, none of my neighbors are. Rocky, our loved mayor never had ratings that high.

The way Becker rammed the Public Safety bldg down the city's throat speaks to his sleaziness. I really don't like this guy. There are too many sneaky things about him.


Posted // January 6,2011 at 11:36 - Becker did NOT hire Harry Reid's campaign manager.