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Restructuring at Salt Lake Tribune Marked by Layoffs

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2013-07-10 -

The Salt Lake Tribune has recently announced a number of changes to sections, columns and coverage -- but failed to mention staff layoffs, including that of the editor of the business section.

In recent columns, Trib editor Nancy Conway and managing editor Terry Orme have notified readers that the paper is undergoing changes and reorganizing its resources. Among various changes Orme identified in a recent column is that columnist Peg McEntee will return to reporting and her column will be discontinued. In another column, Conway said that the Thursday Close-Up section will be discontinued, as the Trib works to better manage its resources and learn how to embrace its digital product.

“News costs money. Local news is particularly expensive. I won’t insult you by saying we can do more with less. We can’t. What we can do is manage smartly, choose carefully and remain committed to Journalism with a capital J,” Conway wrote.

City Weekly has confirmed that the Trib’s recent changes also include four layoffs: a photographer, a copy editor, a letters-section editor and the business editor. Orme confirmed the layoffs by e-mail and noted that another editor would take over the duties of overseeing the business section.

“We are refocusing our business coverage to emphasize consumer news. A news editor already on staff will direct those reporters,” Orme says, adding, “I can't comment on the specific people let go. I will say that decisions like this are hard.”

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