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Millcreek Incorporation Meeting Wednesday

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2012-09-04 -

Candidate for Salt Lake County Mayor Mark Crockett will be at a meeting by a group advocating for Millcreek to become incorporated as a city. Show up and speak your mind on what this issue could mean for increased services and a possible tax increase.

Millcreek residents have a tough decision about making the leap from being a township to becoming a city and whether or not added costs justify added municipal services and increased local control. Wednesday, Crockett and Cottonwood Heights Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore will host an informational meeting about the issue that will be on the November ballot.

Check it out, Wednesday, Sept. 5, 7 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. at Granger High School, 3305 S. 500 East. For more about the Future of Millcreek organization, check out its website here.

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Posted // September 6,2012 at 20:58

why do you call it a town hall meeting and invite everyone when you should be calling your meeting a meeting for incorporation and invite only those who are in favor or on your side. Are you trying to convince those who are in favor or are you trying to win over those against with your scare tactics about being annexed if we dont become a city


Posted // September 6,2012 at 22:07 - Some 5000 flyers were distributed to doorsteps to announce the meeting. They clearly stated that the meeting was informational on the side of incorporation. Surely you didn't go expecting anything else. On the annexation issue, four cities (Holladay, Murray, S. Salt Lake, and Salt Lake, have annexation plans for parts or all of Millcreek in their strategic planning for the future. Two of them (Holladay and S. Salt Lake) have indicated their desire to move ahead with annexation should the incorporation effort fail (see the attachments to the original feasibility study). Salt Lake didn't respond to the request to indicate what their current plans are, but personal contact with their leaders have verified their desires to annex part or all of Millcreek. No scare tactics at play here; these are their real intentions.


Posted // September 6,2012 at 14:15

Eric Peterson is incorrect in assuming that incorporation will lead to increased costs/taxes.  The feasibility study of 2011 never indicated that costs would increase beyond the rate of inflation.  The updated fiscal study of 2012 presented at the meeting last night by the feasibility consultants (LYRB) shows a significant rise in revenues over expenses and that a surplus in funds will be present if incorporation occurs.  Taxes could even go down!

Mr. Orr is welcome to organize a meeting for the opponents of incorporation on his dime.  This meeting was organized and the facilities paid for by the citizens in favor.  Would you ask the Obama camp to cede time to Romney at one of their rallies?


Posted // September 5,2012 at 13:09

Thanks for the article.  I'm hoping there's a good turn out tonight.  


Posted // September 5,2012 at 22:35 - too bad the other side could not make any comments at the meeting-lots of people went away disappointed that they were not given the full story and that they were given a few false statements