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Occupy SLC's Corporate Ball Wednesday!

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2012-02-28 -

Occupy SLC will be holding a unique theater protest at the Legislature Wednesday—a debutante ball, where corporations will be represented doing their dance with legislators to influence laws to benefit their corporate agenda.

If prom were an awkward, but fanciful, affair between major corporations and politicians looking to score, then this absurdist theaterput on by Occupy SLC at the Legislature Wednesday is what it looks like when politicians and corporations join hands and dance. The “Show Off the Corporations” Debutante Ball tomorrow specifically is part of a solidarity movement Occupy SLC is coordinating with efforts from Occupy Portland and 70 other cities to bring attention to the influence of corporations on state legislators, especially through the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group that feeds business-friendly legislation to state legislators across the country.

ALEC helped create legislation attacking organized labor, as well as the controversial Senate Bill 1070 in Arizona that sought to force Latinos to carry proof of citizenship and would have forced law enforcement to commit racial profiling, as some critics have argued.

To learn more, check out the Debutante Ball, Wendesday, Feb. 29, from 2-4 p.m. at the Utah State Capitol, 350 N. State Street, at the Capitol Rotunda.

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Posted // February 29,2012 at 11:55

I agree with Duke's sarcasm here. I love the movement, but this kind of protest will not influence the lawmakers. To influence said lawmakers, we need to talk to them in a serious way about the morality and fiscal soundness of Occupy's ideas.


Posted // February 29,2012 at 15:43 - That's pretty well where I am with it, too, Bill. I saw that Occupy would crash and burn from the get-go. I just wondered what moral and fiscally sound ideas Cameron was speaking to. I bet I've read more about Occupy (and its various ideas) than most Occupy participants and have yet to find any conclusive, concrete ideas, let alone ideas with any sense of moral or fiscal soundness (yes, I've read all the manifestos, etc, but no ideas have been embraced or pursued by the movement as a whole). Too bad, really. We could use good ideas of that nature.


Posted // February 29,2012 at 15:16 - Being older than dirt somedays, I know stuff. At least I think I do and Occupy is an idea that sprang forth for the right reasons as a protest, but soon meandered and grew tentacles away from the core and now Occupy wants to do all things for all people and that's where it will die. Here's my take: A lot of young, caring and concerned people simply don't know how to fight power, even though they can muster a crowd of like-minded people. You have to have a purpose and goals that carry some gravitas beyond bumper sticker diplomacy like,"We want money out of politics!" Well, yeah, what else you got? For me, Occupy has de-evolved back into a level or two just above the drum circles in Liberty Park in the summer. Feel goods, no real purpose, but you are with people who think like you do and for people who haven't yet found their 'adult' voices in life, it's all they think they can do.


Posted // February 29,2012 at 13:21 - I wasn't being sarcastic, Cameron. I really do think hamsters are cute. Out of curiosity, what is it that you love about "the movement"? And what are the specific Occupy ideas that you're speaking of and how are they moral and fiscally sound?


Posted // February 28,2012 at 16:14

Oh boy. That'll show 'em you're serious. Good one. Next time maybe you guys could put on a hampster circus? I like hampsters. So cute.