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HB497 Immigration Hearing Rally Set for Friday

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2012-02-16 -

Friday, you can join activists who will be rallying outside the federal courthouse on House Bill 497, what critics are calling Utah’s “Papers Please” immigration-enforcement law passed in 2011 that requires law enforcement to check the immigration status of certain arrested individuals.

HB 497, sponsored by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, allows law enforcement the discretion to ask individuals for proof of citizenship in some circumstances, which worries immigration-reform advocates who say the bill only instills a culture of fear among Utah’s Latino population. The bill also requires law enforcement to check the immigration status of individuals arrested for felonies and serious misdemeanors. Since May 2011, a suit has been brought to block the law from going into effect, first by civil-rights advocates, before later being joined by the United States Department of Justice.

Friday’s court hearing will be the first on whether the law is unconstitutional in allowing the state to take over regulating immigration from the federal government. If you want to come and make some noise for comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform, then show up at the rally and let your voice be heard.

Check it out, Friday, Feb. 17, from 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. outside the Frank Moss Federal Courthouse, 350 S. Main, Salt Lake City.

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Posted // February 23,2012 at 11:29

Excuse me, Latino immigration activists, but immigration law and enforcement are SUPPOSED TO INSTILL A CULTURE OF FEAR IN THOSE WHO ARE HERE ILLEGALLY!

I guess if I rob a f*cking bank, I'll tell the police that they are creating a culture of fear in me by asking who I am and my permanent legal residence and status when they arrest me. And can I plan on your support to help make that point? Some protests in front of the jail where I will be housed until my hearing and sentencing, perhaps? Or, will you hire an attorney for me, one that speaks my language (Esperanto) to assist with my defense?    You asshats want to see a culture of fear? Try sneaking into Mexico sometime. They'll make a goddam lampshade out of the skin on your back, but only after they extort every penney your family can send. You'll end up in a shallow grave in the sand, raped, robbed, tortured and killed.



Posted // February 17,2012 at 09:01

Why do people want come here?

  Because we have laws that protect individual citizens and their right.  Yet breaking the law to get here and breaking multiple laws to stay here destroys what they came here for.