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Presidential Long Shot Fred Karger Launches "Crazy" LDS Website

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2011-12-20 -

Fred Karger, the gay, 61-year-old contender for the GOP’s nomination for the 2012 election, is harrying Mormon front-runner Mitt Romney with a newly launched Website: “Top 10 Craziest Mormon Beliefs.”

Karger, an independently wealthy California Republican, is probably one the most unusual contenders for the 2012 election—even as a long shot. His experience ranges from co-directing the group Californians Against Hate, which fought against the Proposition 8 campaign that repealed same-sex marriage in California, to working top positions in both of Ronald Reagan’s election campaigns. Now Karger is running for president, largely to challenge Mitt Romney on whether he -- if elected -- will represent his church or his constituents first.

Karger is taking his guerilla campaign to a new level by launching a site that gathers information about the “craziest” beliefs held by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In a letter on the Website, Karger says the goal of the site is to provide understanding of the LDS Church to nonmembers.

Karger quotes an Oct. 14, 2011, statement by LDS Church spokesman Michael Otterson that “one problem is that half the U.S. population knows very little about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” Otterson said. Karger goes on to write that education is why this Website was launched. “This Web site is by no means meant to harm anyone or any faith,” Karger writes on the site. “It is simply, as Mr. Otterson said, to help the U.S. population understand the Mormon Faith.”

In an interview, Karger admits that it is “tongue-in-cheek,” especially since the site actively solicits users to post outlandish LDS beliefs. Since it's user-submitted, technically anyone could submit posts no matter how inaccurate about the LDS Church. Still Karger says it’s not that different from other forums on the church, and argues that voters need to ask more questions of the LDS Church and the extent to which obedience in the faith might conflict with a president elected to represent all citizens. “I think it’s absolutely up for discussion,” Karger says.

As for his campaign, Karger has focused all of his efforts on the Jan. 10, 2012, New Hampshire primary, saying his organization will be doing direct-mail campaigning, running TV commercials throughout the state and that he's set up a large volunteer call center in the state to push his message of calling out Romney.

“Romney is the front-runner, definitely, and this race is his to lose,” Karger says. “That’s why I’ve been dogging him a bit and this, of course, takes it up a notch.”

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Posted // August 24,2013 at 21:15

I am actually a Lds member my self and diss agree about the look that you have on our religion, we don't have rules we have standerds standerds we willingly know and keep that is a promise to our father in heaven. Even though you have lived alot longer than me and probably know alot I don't think it matters, you are very small minded and rediculous. We know you are openly gay and I respect the courage it must take but me, and probably many others do not appreciate you shoving it in people's face and putting down religouns that don't practice it you continue to sprise me with your liberal comements and hurtful opinions about our church. So I am politely asking you to screw off.

thank you


Posted // December 26,2011 at 14:11 That's rich.  Mr. Karger worked for an organization that includes the phrase "against hate" it it's title.  Yet he is one of the most hateful people I've ever read about with his hate campaign against Mitt Romney.  His hate is based solely on Romney's membership in the Mormon Church.  If Jews had funded the fight against Prop. 8 would he promote anti-semitism as actively?  Karger is a coward and a hate-monger.


Posted // December 22,2011 at 11:55 \\\\\\\\\\"Since it\\\\\\\\\\'s user-submitted, technically anyone could submit posts no matter how inaccurate about the LDS Church.\\\\\ Still Karger says it’s not that different from other forums on the church\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\ Sadly, both statements are true. Which says a lot about the sorry state of religious toleration in this country and the dismal level of discourse on the Internet.\\\\\  


Posted // December 21,2011 at 13:49 All this speaks volumes of Karger's character. Too sad. And he thinks he wants to be president??


Posted // December 21,2011 at 11:43 Come on Fred, I thought you were better than this when you were teaching against hate in CA. I guess if hate is directed against Fred -- it is a bad thing. But if hate is directed at a person or group that he opposes -- it is ok or personally justified. If Fred is against hate, he should be opposed against all forms of hate. To me, it sounds like Fred is teaching and spreading his personal Mormon hate. The record states that Fred's experience comes from Californian's Against Hate. It appears he is directing his own personal hatred against Mormons -- what he is actually teaching and spreading is hate. You lose what little credibility you ever had.