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There Can Only Be One

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2011-09-26 -

Utah is close to picking a congressional map that will draw Utahns' political boundaries for electing their congressional delegates for the next decade. Come to the meeting Tuesday to see the final six maps go through their—hopefully—final round of elimination.

In the battle between pizza maps that mix rural, urban and conservative districts with Salt Lake County and donut maps that would keep Salt Lake County, Utah’s Democratic core, intact, it looks like pizza will be on the men, since only one of the six finalist maps is considered a “modified donut-hole map.”

For more info on the finalists, visit the Legislature’s redistricting page here.

If you've got strong feelings about pizzas and donuts, don’t worry, there can never be too many cooks in this kitchen, and it’s not too late for the public to speak up at Tuesday's meeting.

Check it out, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 9 a.m., Utah State Capitol, 445 Capitol Building. For audio links to the committee, visit the Legislature main page here.

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Posted // September 27,2011 at 15:21 I had hoped that my proposal's logic would speak for itself, although I
readily explained it, anyway. And I had hoped that, even if my
proposal's logic didn't speak for itself, then other people would---and I
feel pleased that so many of my fellow citizens did so. But I feel sad
that, despite so much positive feedback about my proposal, this committee dismissed it as readily as it did this morning. I hope that people can somehow persuade them to change their minds. I don't understand Sumison's proposal at all.


Posted // September 27,2011 at 09:15 If you can't be at the meeting, follow us on Twitter for the latest @RepresentMeUtah