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Parley's Way Walmart Hearing Tonight!

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2011-08-23 -

The big W is hoping to open big with a location on Parley’s Way that would expand beyond the zoned conformities. A hearing will be held tonight on whether an exception should be allowed so the store can open a supercenter-sized Walmart on 2705 E. Parley’s Way.

Walmart has submitted two petitions to allow for a zoning change in the area, and both were rejected by the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. The Salt Lake City Council could still approve the plans, and that’s why the meeting tonight will be crucial for residents to offer their thumbs up or down to allow the construction of the big-box store beyond the neighborhood's existing conformities.

Concerned residents have a Website listing the back-story on the contentious zoning battle here and are urging residents to inform themselves on the issue.

Check it out, tonight, Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m. at the Salt Lake City and County Building, 451 S. State, Room 315.

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Posted // August 23,2011 at 16:45 I thought you might be interested to know Walmart is actually proposing a smaller store at the location. They currently have the ability to remodel the existing KMart, but would like to rezone to build a smaller store that better fits into the community and serves the needs of the area.