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Rally outside Congressman Chaffetz's office today!

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2011-06-23 -

With Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, co-sponsoring a bill to take a 10 percent bite out of the federal workforce by 2014, protesters will be making noise outside of his West Jordan office today.

House Resolution 2114, pushed by Chaffetz, Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Florida and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, would reduce the federal government’s workforce by as many as 200,000 jobs by 2014, through hiring only one new employee for every three that retire or leave their job.

Chaffetz defended the resolution in a recent Fox News interview where he argued that “We’ve got some good people in the federal workforce, but we’ve got too many and we’re paying them too much.” Chaffetz added, “the fundamental problem is that President Obama has grown government; he has not grown private-sector jobs.”

If you’re inclined to disagree with Congressman Chaffetz, then show up at the peaceful rally today and speak up and be heard.

Rally! Today, Thursday June 23, at 2 p.m. Congressman Chaffetz’s West Jordan office, 3895 W. 7800 South

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Posted // June 23,2011 at 23:18

Wait, how did they coordinate this protest? I dislike Chaffetz as much as anybody, he's a right-wing loon!


Posted // June 23,2011 at 23:16

Wait, hold on, how did they coordinate that protest? I dislike Chaffez as much as anybody; I want to join!

In any case, Chaffetz is an idiot; cutting jobs ANYWHERE is not how you help a struggling economy.


Posted // June 23,2011 at 12:44

Finally a rally in support of Chaffetz.

Thanks City Weekly!


Posted // June 24,2011 at 08:35 - Thats fine with me, if you're too stupid to recognize sarcasm, you're too stupid to stand in judgment of it. Dumbass.


Posted // June 24,2011 at 08:28 - couldn't tell by your previous post, dumbass. thought you were just stupid. still do.


Posted // June 23,2011 at 16:16 - Sarcasm, dumbass.


Posted // June 23,2011 at 14:20 - this one flew right over your head, dumbass. read it again.


Posted // June 23,2011 at 12:37

So his answer to alleviating the unemployment is to lay off another quarter of a million folks? No wonder he wants to be senatwhore, then he doesnt have to think at all, just stand tall with a shit eating grin on his face like Hatch.


Posted // June 24,2011 at 08:54 - this piece of crap government takes from me and gives my money to others and then buys bombs with the remainder to kill people with. i get nothing from the government and never have and never will. you've got me all wrong and are one of those all-to-common utah conservative putty heads that thinks everybody that posts here at sl weekly is some frumpy liberal sponge. thanks for the information concerning the national debt, etc. i'd never have known otherwise. good luck paying down the national debt with the money you save by reducing federal employment opportunity in the country (one of the few remaining sectors americans can actually make a decent living in, but chaffetz thinks you're making too much) leading to even more people requiring government benefits while the government continues wasting billions on empire building. this bill is just another unworkable gimmick put forth by a small-minded opportunist and his buddies and people like you slurp it up like green jello. conservative utah putty heads - do they clone you people in tubes at byu or something? i feel like i'm arguing with glenn beck here, probably the source of your brightest ideas.


Posted // June 23,2011 at 16:15 - Anonymous- A.) the government is not in existence to provide employment. B.) Maybe you're aware there is this huge thing called a National Debt, it will need to be paid off. C.) Cuts in the federal government are severely needed, but where and to who? Seems the best way would be to cut new openings instead of kicking people out onto the street while they are employed. I know you'd love the government to do everything for you, hell it probably does right now. But it can't and it won't for very long.


Posted // June 23,2011 at 14:18 - not replacing workers as they retire comes to the same as laying current workers off in that there will be 1/3 the jobs available to people that need employment. in the end there is no difference. chaffetz proposes creating less employment opportunity with his plan and will contribute to unemployment in this country by not providing opportunity. try to keep up dumbass.


Posted // June 23,2011 at 12:46 - Jimmy- try to keep up. He is proposing that the fed only hire 1 person for every 3 that are retiring. There is no talk of layoffs. Reduction in workers does not have to be by layoff. Dumbass.