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Liquor bill to put kibosh on CW Beer Festival

by Eric S. Peterson
- Posted // 2011-02-23 -

Sen. Valentine, R-Orem, cites public safety as reason his bill would prohibit “unlimited” alcohol service for a special event, like City Weekly’s Utah Beer Festival.

Valentines Senate Bill 314 which passed a senate Business and Labor panel today would change various provisions in Utah liquor law, ranging from new liquor license categories, license quotas, service hours and conflict of interest provisions for member of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Valentine confirmed the bill would also prohibit events that offer “unlimited” beer or alcohol sales for a set time period, such as the Utah Beer Festival, City Weekly hosted in downtown Salt Lake City in September 2010.

“Overconsumption is the issue,” Valentine says. “And we’re having more problems coming in with public safety on the beer festival.”

The event drew an estimated 3,200 patrons downtown who were able to pay a flat fee for a 3 ounce cup they could use for unlimited samples of beers offered by 13 local breweries. If the legislation passes a future beer festival may have to switch to a token system, where patrons buy tokens for individual beers. (Note: This post has been updated to correct the number of festival attendees and participating brewers and to clarify City Weekly's role in organizing the event.)

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Posted // February 25,2011 at 03:03

Personally I find the best way to deal with laws that you don't agree with - is to get active! I didn't agree with the private club laws! Most people that didn't agree with it were on the basis of the tourist industry, where as for me I felt that it hurt the local music scene! Having to buy 8 or 9 different memberships throughout the year just so I could watch one of my favorite local bands was a little ridiculous! So I along with so many others made our complaints to local politicians and when they got sick of hearing us they had a special meeting at the DABC that we were all allowed to go to and voice our opinions! The place was packed with club owners, tourist industry insiders and me! I don't think my voice alone swayed their views alone, but it may have helped and the mission was accomplished! No more private clubs in Utah! Get active in the community if you want to change it! I would actively support a lottery in Utah! Some alcohol laws do need to be reviewed. Let your local representatives know where you stand!!!


Posted // February 24,2011 at 17:47

I met a nice fella at this event and got Laid. Done and done....:) Oh yeah, the beer was refreshing too.


Posted // February 24,2011 at 12:35

@Dbow32: Like a brain surgeon regulating mining? What an absurd and unintellgent comment. Sounds like you've have one too many bloody mary's this morning. Unless of course mining was affecting public safety and destoying brains, like alcohol does. Why don't you move to Vegas where you can do whatever you want. Ho wdo you think that Lawmakers have no idea what they are doing? Many of them have spent DECADES practicing law while you have spent years being a booze hound. How would you have any idea that Colorado schools are better than Utah's? You can't learn when you are drunk! Go bash something else rather than a religion you drunkard bigot.


Posted // February 24,2011 at 15:37 - Yeah yeah yeah, tired old tactics is a sorry excuse too. More choices and more freedoms, just like I said like Vegas! Maybe we should allow gambling and prostitution in Salt Lake now. Utah is like East Germany. You don't have to drink to know the ramifications of alcohol. What evidence are you talking about? My evidence shows 275 deaths in 2008 in Utah. Maybe alcohol DOES cause problems. Not to say that people who drink aren't responsible. The issue is over-consumption and underage drinking.


Posted // February 24,2011 at 15:19 - @Jeff " I can get whatever drink I want, wherever I want, and however I want even in Utah." I don't know what kind of drinks you want but I certainly can't get any drink I want wherever or whenever I want. No wine in grocery stores, only a regulated pour in drinks and some things that I enjoyed in Portland they don't sell altogether here. The point is alcohol is for adults so treat us like adults.It is indeed true that many of our liquor laws are governed by people who don't drink and presume they no what is and isn't safe regardless of the fact that there is evidence proving otherwise. Not to mention that you jump on the tired old tactic of name calling and the assumption that just because we want to have more choices and options we are "booze-hounds." Jeff if anyone should stop posting things that make them sound like a fool it's you.


Posted // February 24,2011 at 12:58 - You must be a "MOTARD" huh... LMFAO! Just because someone practice's law doesn't mean they know or understand everything. Their fundamental purpose is to put the Book of Motard into law. They will never allow a lottery in this state yet the School districts are struggling. It sounds to me like this States Church/government is so brain washed by their man made religion. they can't see the forest for the Trees.


Posted // February 24,2011 at 10:45

I am so sick of the Motards (Mormons) trying to control people. It's like a brain surgeon regulating the mining industry. They are not qualified to regulate Liquor laws because they have no idea what works and what doesn’t. They make up these stupid laws that they think will lower the consumption of Alcohol and they are so wrong. It’s like the State Lottery issue; this State could benefit from a lottery in so many ways but because the Motards think that everyone shouldn’t gamble… that they will never allow it. WTF! I lived in Colorado and their State lottery proceeds went to the public Schools and Parks. And let me tell you, their public Schools were much better that they are here. This State is so stupid!


Posted // February 24,2011 at 13:14 - You are such an ignorant bigot. I'm Christian, but I'm not Mormon, and in fact I drink on occasion. And guess what? I can get whatever drink I want, wherever I want, and however I want even in Utah. Open your eyes a little bit and stop looking at everything from one side. Oh and BTW I never said lawyers that have practiced for a long time know everything, only that they know more about the law than YOU. Stop posting things that make you look like a fool.


Posted // February 24,2011 at 11:06 - I completely agree with everything you said, except that you are blaming the religion. senator valentine is behind a lot of these bills I've noticed, and its getting old. blame specific people. not a religion as a whole. but you are right that the laws are getting ridiculous!