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Mitt's Town

by Eric S. Peterson
Posted // 2010-01-31 -

The national GOP has selected Salt Lake City as a finalist city to host the 2012 Republican National Convention. While ultimately three other finalists will be announced in the coming weeks, SLC was the first finalist city to be named, which has got to make Utah’s adopted son Mitt Romney smile.

The Dnews reported recently that organizers knew SLC would be a good candidate for a number of options that include the fact that the intermountain west is an area that republicans will want to recapture from the Democrats 2008 wins. It’s also a city that won’t get too damned hot during the summer convention.

But ultimately this has got to be good news for Mitt. If Republicans want to present to the world an audience going totally bat shit crazy for their candidate where else than Mitt in SLC? The very town Mitt redeemed the Olympics for.

Of course any Republican candidate would get a great reception in Utah, but if the GOP wants to show the world an audience wetting themselves with excitement than Mitt is the natural choice. 

If Jazz fans are the loudest in the whole NBA franchise--than the crowd that would accept Mitt’s nomination as a candidate for the leader of the free world, will likely make a jubilant noise loud enough to set off car alarms throughout the valley and cause SLC’s Democrats’ heads to explode.

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Posted // February 1,2010 at 12:27

good article, except for the repeated, incorrect use of "than."


Posted // February 1,2010 at 11:25

The way to make Mitt smile is for him to not get trampled in a presidential election. The only way for him to achieve that is to not run at all!!


Posted // February 28,2010 at 08:03 - What really creeps me out about Mitt/aka Mit Romney, is his appearance. He looks like the spitting image of Joseph Smith. Of course, he'll be widely loved for it in Utah-land.


Posted // February 1,2010 at 10:34

I believe your writer could use a little better description than "going totally bat SHIT crazy"

and "An audience WETTING themselves" Sould like the person is a grade level "F" writing a tabloid.

I will be taking my name off your email list.

thank you

Leslie Couvillon