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First they get you hooked...

by Eric S. Peterson
Posted // 2009-12-29 -

No one apparently told the popular news blog and story aggregator, Utah Policy Daily that memberships just ain’t cool with Utahns anymore. Nevertheless, Utah Policy Daily will be getting a little more corporate in 2010, charging a $9.95 per month, membership fee for subscriptions—er, uh, I mean “memberships.”

Why anyone thinks paying for information that could be got to by other sources on the interweb is a good idea, is beyond me. It’s ironic that it’s the same kind of idea Media One publisher Dean Singleton announced would make his papers’ online content be all the more alluring to news consumers. Ironic, because he’s old media and Utah Policy Daily is new media. Weren’t you guys supposed to innovate, not follow? What next? Are you going to start making a print copy of Utah Policy Daily?

I don’t know, maybe I’m just bitter because I’ll probably end up paying for it because they got me hooked. I’m always checking their political calendar as well as scanning to see if one of the CW’s smart ass blogs makes it onto their blog spotlight.

If you’re a news junkie with a fix and you just gotta have it, you can sign up now and get on for only $2.95 a month. Or you can just bitch and moan about it on the blogosphere until hopefully the folks of Utah Policy Daily see the error of their ways. I will be doing both.

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Posted // December 30,2009 at 09:49

It is definitely a valuable resource -- but I don't know if memberships are the best way to get paid for it. I'd rather see a blog with ads so that anyone can read it and continue to make it a pooling of all ideas. By charging memberships, they are forcing out chunks of valuable diversity in opinion and readership that can't afford or won't afford something that you can get in another manner.