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Enough with Politico Book Tours!

by Eric S. Peterson
Posted // 2009-12-15 -

Lordy, lordy more thinly-veiled campaign stumping disguised as a book tour. If Palin’s Ghostography and Bennett’s Mormon apologetics weren’t enough, Mitt Romney will be going on a book tour this spring for his captivatingly titled work: No Apology: the Case for America’s Greatness. His first stop will actually be in our fair state on March 13 2010.

And if you stand poised at your computer you can be one of the first to buy a ticket to this event, when the website goes live at 10 a.m. this Thursday.

 If it seems hard for me to swallow my cynicism it’s just because it’s so patently obvious that it’s a campaign gimmick. And, hey I understand, gimmickry is cool, you know it’s a good way to make money, get your name out there without making the full commitment to a campaign. But all I’m saying—and this is not just directed at Mitt but to all politicians—is, can’t we try another gimmick?

Why not take a cue from Orrin Hatch and get a little musical? How about starting a band? Mitt and the Unapologetics? A Bennett/Hatch super group called the Anxious Incumbents?

Or what about doing like some kind of spoken-word, poetry slam type deal? I bet you dollars to donuts people of all stripes would be lining up to see Palin if she was be-bopping and scatting her rogue rhymes instead of paying a few interns to write ‘em down in some lame book. Really there are so many options for gimmickry innovation: art installments, dance ensembles or some gimmicky trek, like roller-skating down the coast, etc… Just saying--politics will never change, but isn’t it time pre-campaign fads did?

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