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A Banzai Year for Sword-Related Crimes

by Eric S. Peterson
Posted // 2009-10-14 -

What the hell is with all the sword related crime lately? The Trib recently reported about a West Jordan assault where suspect Ken Duc Dao got so angry at a birthday party that he apparently retrieved a short sword he kept in his car, went back to the party and stabbed a guy through the leg with it. Through the effin’ leg!

The damnedest thing is that I went back into the news archives and swords apparently have been the weapon of choice for six crimes going back to roughly this time last year. WTF?

These crimes run the gamut of tragic to bizarre. Tragic as in the man who struck his estranged wife with a Kitana in front of her three children last December and bizarre as in the man who on August 30 was arrested for chasing after moving vehicles with a large sword, apparently shitfaced and/or an idiot.

I’m not sure if that’s par for the course for sword crime over the long run but what is strange is that four of these cases happened in the space of about a month and a half-- between August 30 to October 14.

 Is it a recession thing? Are these people unable to afford guns? Is it excess football-season rage forcing people to reach for the nearest weapon?

The only clear trend seems to be that the swords are common for assault (only one was used for a robbery in which two robbers in November of 2008 held up two individuals on the street and stole wallets, ID and a frozen turkey from them at sword point). Oh and that in half those incidences the suspect was drunk or high off their gourd--one guy tried attacking a group of people after he was told to leave the house since he was smoking meth.

Beyond that I haven’t a clue. But if this trend continues I may have to invest in a medieval battle shield, and Lord knows I’m not going to enjoy lugging that thing around with me to parties.  

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