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The Khaki Scouts earn Christmas music badge, give 12 songs away

by Austen Diamond
- Posted // 2012-12-18 - The Twelve Days of Christmas, of course, begin on Dec. 25, but The Khaki Scouts know how burned out folks get with holiday music. So, they’re giving away one free holiday song each of the 12 days *before* Christmas.

The Khaki Scouts are guitar/singer Meg Frampton (formerly of Meg & Dia) and drummer Nick Price. The duo offers up beautiful singing and clever songcraft in this new project, named partly after Frampton’s love of Moonrise Kingdom.

Each song is available for free for 24 hours, then ... it’s gone -- like the five songs they’ve already released. But … after Christmas and through New Year’s Day, the songs may be purchased; all proceeds will go to the Humane Society of the United States.

Go here to download The Khaki Scouts’ tune of the day. And you can check them out on Facebook here.

Here’s a YouTube video with more information:

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