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Lounge Act Tuesday: The Great Outdoors (for concerts)

by Austen Diamond
Posted // 2011-08-02 - Hopefully, sunny skies will prevail this evening, because two of Lounge Act's picks are in the great outdoors.

There are few artists who can get away with a lack of capitalization in their name without coming across as pretentious: e.e. cummings, bell hooks and songwriting country star k.d. lang. For this Red Butte Garden show, lang will be backed by The Siss Boom Bang to add a little kick to the crooner’s repertoire, including her latest Sing It Loud.

While lines like, “Everything I do, I do it for a girl/ Girls, they turn my mind around in circles” off of “Girls” make me want to gag, the L.A.-based pop duo Walter Meego have a fun, dancey sensibility to their music. Somewhat forgiven for their lack of engaging lyrics, the band will be cutting up the Kilby Court dance floor starting at 8 p.m.

For a fine dose of music that is also free, head over to Music at Main. The new-to-the-scene bluesy-rock band Bonjour Fanny will join American singer-songwriter Nick Neihardt and his little band.

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