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Utah Arts Festival: Word on the Street

by Austen Diamond
- Posted // 2011-06-24 - City Weekly recommended 35 must-see Utah Arts Festival attractions last week, but we wanted to find out what everyone else was talking about.

The Utah Arts Festival has fully taken over Library and Washington Squares for the weekend. The festival is open noon-11 p.m. through Sunday, and single-day admission is $10. With myriad art options, it’s hard to wade through it all. So, City Weekly asked a random sampling of festival-goers what they were digging on. Here’s what they had to say:

What have you seen so far at the 2011 Utah Arts Festival that others need to see?

“I dig the yard art [artist Fred Conlon’s company called Sugarpost]. I really like the way he’s made the flamingos and the gnomes.”
—Jen Long, Salt Lake City

Higher Ground Learning [located at the Urban Arts area] is helping our youth cultivate their artistic nature, and there’s the ability to buy their artwork. And the beer garden is pretty nice too; it helps to have a beer while you look at art, I think.”
—Leslie Field, Salt Lake City

“I really like Ben Behunin. He had these little plaques with sayings that I think really speak to people. The festival is a really special place for me, because I met my husband here 20 years ago.”
—Betsy Rics, Parley’s Summit

“Absolutely, I would recommend Ballet West above everything else. It’s just amazing. They are really my favorite.”
—Edgar Jerez, Salt Lake City

“I really like the Hat Shop [Della Goheen]. Well, it’s hot and you need a hat, so it’s functional for the festival. I didn’t buy this hat there though. I also like the Urban Arts area and the printmakers [Copper Palate Press]”
—Mike Poli, Salt Lake City

“I know Jen Hajj [playing guitar in photo] from other aspects of life, but we [a nightlife meet-up group for 20- to 30-year-olds] came for the Young Dubliners tonight.”
—Erin Keenan, Farmington

For more tips on what to do around the Utah Arts Festival, read Dan Nailen's 35 Picks here.

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