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City Creek Snark Fest

by Stephen Dark
- Posted // 2012-04-12 -

A new website is providing a platform for those who want to take a swipe at the LDS Church's shopping complex, City Creek Center. Titled "Don't shop City Creek," it showcases reasons why shoppers shouldn't patronize the long-awaited mall.

On the site, pithy lines, which you can refresh by hitting "OK, why else?," offer criticism, typically tied to the mall's well-publicized and extensive code of conduct, of both the mall and its owners.Viewers can submit their own reasons for not shopping City Creek by clicking "Let us know why."

Some comments target the "let them eat cake" ethos that the mall is seen to aspire to by some of its critics. One writer, presumably talking about a well-known cellist who solicits coins while he plays outside Salt Lake City theater venues, notes that such an act would be told to move on. The writer concludes, "People who can afford $500 handbags shouldn't have to be reminded that there are poor people."

That City Creek is closed on Sundays also comes in for a little drubbing. "Seriously ... they want to 'protect your values' even if those values aren't yours," states one writer. Other code-of-conduct issues that seem to irritate people include not being able to hand out pamphlets to advertise a local band or wear a provocative T-shirt.

Some writers, though, appear to have had enough of the entire subject.

Why not shop City Creek? "Because it's a fucking mall," snarls one. "Go ride a bike, fat ass."

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Posted // May 28,2012 at 13:43

What is really sad is how the local LDS wards have members that desperately need food and financial help. Some members have broken teeth they can't afford to fix or get pulled. Some have worn out raggy clothes. There is a family whose kids don't have warm shoes in the winter. But the chuch can spend the interest off of the Tithing Money accounts, (in my opinion, the interest is still tithing money), to build a mall that no one but the wealthy can shop at. I'm guessing it's a personal mall for the prophet and his group of permanently employed, paid for life, members. (Sounds like whatever they spend in the mall, goes right back in their own pockets).


Posted // April 16,2012 at 08:29

Being closed on Sundays is not uncommon throughout the world. I was in Rome and saved my shopping for my last day there, on a Sunday, but the stores were closed! They didn't even open until Monday at 2:00 -I was told so that they could rest from the weekend. Some live to work, others work to live. 


Posted // April 15,2012 at 13:18

The Mormons aren't the only owners of the mall, Taubman has a large stake in it as well, and they are the ones who set the rules, all except for the Sunday closures. The mall obviously isn't targeted toward Mormons either, since most of them don't live in the downtown area and Mormons tend to eshew "high fashion".

Basically the mormon leadership decided they wanted more activity and bustle around their downtown headquarters, reseached that a mixed-use housing and shopping development would probably be the best, found the partner with the reputation and know-how to take care of the project (Taubman) and wrote the check. The only Mormon thing about the mall is the Sunday closures, and the restaurants are still open then. Calling it a Mormon mall is a misnomer.

Frankly, Salt Lake people, even those who dislike the mormons, should be glad that there was someone who has capital to invest in downtown during a recession- Utah's been one of the lightest-hit areas. The church is unlikely to make a profit on the investment, since Taubman takes it's 12% cut off the top, and most of the condos are still empty in this market. Criticizing the development is a waste of breath; it's already built and should be enjoyed.


Posted // April 13,2012 at 14:25

Okay. I love City Creek. I'll be honest. I can understand some of the criticisms that people direct toward it, even though I disagree with most of them.

The biggest problem I have is when people vociferously complain about the code of conduct. Do you realize that City Creek's code of conduct is the exact same as other Taubman malls in the nation, and very similar to most other malls? It's not exclusive to City Creek by any stretch.

And, if anything, people should be glad it's closed on Sundays. It encourages people to patronize businesses all throughout downtown, rather than just at City Creek.


Posted // April 13,2012 at 13:33

I think it is ridiculous that they are not open on Sunday.  I personally shop in Sunday to avoid all of the "crowds" that do not go anywhere else on Sundays.  Since they are not open on Sunday they do not get my business.  I find it crazy for a retailer to not be open on Sunday - it is a lot of cutomers that they are making mad and turning away.