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'Supertrooper' settlement costs Utah $40,000

by Stephen Dark
Posted // 2011-11-23 -

The State of Utah has settled for $40,000 with Ryan Jones, who sued the state after the Utah Highway Patrol's 2007 Trooper of the Year Lisa Steed tazed him on State Street more than two years ago.

Steed pulled Jones over in South Salt Lake in March 2009. Despite his polite, repeated requests for an attorney, Steed demanded he get out of the car. When he did not immediately comply, she "drive-tazed" (akin to using a cattle prod) him twice in the shoulder.

The settlement follows on the heels of District Attorney Sim Gill confirming long-held rumors that his office has been investigating numerous Steed arrests after concerns were expressed by defense attorneys.

Several cases where Steed was the arresting officer, defense attorneys say, have been dismissed based on her involvement alone. Now, dozens more have apparently been reopened as part of a wide investigation by the D.A. into Steed's voluminous arrests.

Here's a video of the incident that cost Utah $40K:

Jones was represented by local attorney Brian Barnard, who described Jones' arrest by Steed as "a case of excessive and completely unnecessary use of force." He continued that while Tasers are "useful tools for officers," there had been many instances recently where it had been employed improperly, "with potentially lethal consequences." Steed's use of the weapon "was a case of a trooper acting unprofessionally, irresponsibly and maliciously."

A Utah Highway Patrol spokesman said that Trooper Steed "is still working, functioning" at the UHP, but referred questions regarding the settlement to the state's risk management department. 

City Weekly first raised questions about Steed's approach to DUI enforcement in the 2010 cover story Super Trooper.
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Posted // November 26,2011 at 22:37 Go Ryan! I cant believe you won! VICTORY!!! Now get that Escalade fool!


Posted // November 26,2011 at 07:57 Maybe time to revisit hireing practices and operating proceedures for police. They seem to be more and more like a military force than local peace officers.


Posted // November 23,2011 at 14:37 Nice!!! Congrats, Ryan! I hope many more people illegally arrested/accosted by this dirty pig follow suit. Pun intended.

Dear UHP, please fire that bitch.


Posted // November 24,2011 at 03:48 - Of course she is still working, UHP loves this cash cow. Never mind that she has zero regard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. She is just one Brady violation away from bonus season. I hope UHP is ready for some serious litigation. Their risk management team probably has a slush fund with her name on it. Here's a news flash: we don't want your money, we want her termination. UHP needs to get serious about obeying the laws they should be protecting.