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Spice: Utah's legal alternative to smoking pot

by Stephen Dark
- Posted // 2010-01-13 -

I loved smoking. For 15 years I choked down three packs a day, obliterating my taste buds and god knows what else with an eclectic range of smokes. On occasion I'll wonder into tobacco stores to ponder my fantasy of picking up the filthy habit once again, until the lung rattling cough of a smoker scares me away. On a recent visit I asked about a drug several sources had mentioned to me called Spice. Turns out Spice is a legal way to get high and an expensive one to boot.

Spice has been around in Europe for 10 years. It's effect is comparable to smoking pot. You need to smoke three Spice roll-ups for your system to store enough of the natural drug for it to have an effect. The price, according to several stores I consulted, ranges from $20s to the high-$50s for a small container -- about five cigarettes worth. The top player in this market is a U.K. company, although most of those available here are from California.

Spice has taken off in Utah, it seems, where it first became available several months ago. One store owner I talked to, who requested anonymity, says he sells it as incense. "What my customers do with it is their affair," he says. Indeed the packaging, which resembles condom wrappers, specifically states it's not for human consumption. Much of the demand, the owner says, comes from youngsters on probation looking for a high that would leave their urine analysis clean.

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Posted // December 16,2010 at 20:45

where in Utah can u still buy spice? I cant find it anywhere between Layton and Ogden


Posted // May 6,2011 at 12:23 - Check out Smokers choice in Ogden. They have an awesome product called "WTF XXX"


Posted // December 5,2010 at 01:21

It truly doesn't take three spice roll ups to get the affect that spice has to offer, and in most stores that I go to, to buy the product have good pricing a container that has lasted me and my husband almost a month only cost around $30.00 even. I really wish people would get the facts right about spice and if smoked in the privacy of ones home then there should be no problem.


Posted // November 3,2010 at 05:35

I wish it were bud. I should say that first, then move to the comment that a fellow partier made to me while we were both buying spice in a gas station on Foothill. "It's like crack, seriously." he said, obviously overstating the similarities, while still referencing it's synthetic nature and formation of a chemical dependency. It's not like crack at all, in fact- it's better. Much more subtle and likable.

Search "Spice side effects' to find the group feedback that eventually drove me away from the stuff- still wondering if I'll ever really recover. In some ways it was better than weed: not burning me out; leaving me with cottonmouth, red eyes, or a heavy jaw. It was in fact too good to be true, but rather manmade– and released all too recklessly.

To trace the roots of "Spice", look up 'synthetic cannabis' on Wikipedia- then compare any of the synthetic compounds shown there with the shape of THC; not the same. And now it's unclear which synthetic cannabinoid that has sent unknown amounts of people to the hospital with brain swelling, as you will see when you search "spice side effects".

Now again, to clarify, I wish this stuff was the real deal. But some part of me is wondering if someone doesn't have it out for the too-smart stoners by allowing onto the street what the Federal Government certainly has to know is not only psychoactive, but a hallucinogenic with side effects. Mark my words, spice will be talked about for a long time after it is pleasantly removed from it's vantage point.

In all seriousness, you'd be better off with gasoline. Get a rag and breath deep, revisit the pre-existence before you die. Spice is an untested drug that everyone in the Administration is ignoring, while continuing to ban weed. It doesn't add up, it should be boycotted, and replaced by the safe, long-running, time-proven natural: CANNABIS. Stick to the ganja, for Christ's sake- or it will be the stupidest thing you don't do.


Posted // September 15,2010 at 20:13

i used to smoke it plenty and have a friend that smokes 6 grams a week atleast. it is cheap but unlike weed it is not safe. ive researched on it and talked to doctors and it causes brain hemmeraging and can slow the heart and potentialy stop the heart. spice (damiana) is not dangerous itself but will not cause you to get high enough to enjoy. but these companys are spraying a synthetic thc on the plant which causes the high and is dangerous. the reason they say do not consume on the product is to avoid lawsuit because they can not verify the safety. american fork police officer told me the difference between spice and marijuana is spice will kill you and marijuana will leave you unharmed.


Posted // July 2,2010 at 15:33

Springville chevron 4 grams for 17 dollars. there is age restrictions and if pulled over you will be ticekted for DUI. also smoking in public is not a good idea either because you will get public intoxication. Drinkings legal too but that doesnt mean you can get away with whatever you want. use your heads


Posted // September 23,2010 at 01:12 - You can actually order spice free at


Posted // August 20,2010 at 04:07 - well said