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TV Tonight: Glee, Dancing With the Stars, Hollywood Treasure

by Bill Frost
- Posted // 2012-05-22 - What’s new on the electronic Jesus tonight:

Glee (Fox) Season Finale: Graduation, singing, dancing, moving on, requisite Sue snark, etc. I wasn’t going to tear up over the exit of Glee’s Class of 2012 until I saw Lea Michele on The Late Show With David Letterman last night and was reminded of at least two things I’ll really, really miss about Rachel Berry. Buh-bye, girls!

Dancing With the Stars (ABC) Season Finale: A star will win at dancing, other stars dance away in defeat and shame, and the local ABC affiliate will dedicate at least 20 minutes of “news” time to this shit, er, fine arts programming, tonight.

Hollywood Treasure (Syfy) Season Premiere: Or, as we say in Utah, Trayshure, returns for Season 2, kicking off with a bidding war for Chewbacca’s colostomy bag (unconfirmed at blog time).

Also new tonight:
America’s Got No Talent (NBC); The L.A. Complex (The CW); The Real Housewives of Orange County, Pregnant in Heels (Bravo); 16 & Pregnant, True Life, Savage U (MTV); Dance Moms: Miami (Lifetime); Fact or Faked (Syfy); The Deadliest Catch (Discovery)

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