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Roller Derby: HVDD Rebellion Rolls Over Sirens 106-100

by Bill Frost
- Posted // 2012-04-04 - Saturday, March 31: The Happy Valley Darlins played the third bout of their first season at the old Food 4 Less building (you know the one) in Spanish Fork; home teams Rollin’ Rebellion and Sirens of Steel facing off for the second time in two months.

The last time the two teams played, the Sirens came out on top 131-89; on Saturday, it wasn’t immediately clear to the capacity crowd (or at least capacity for aisles 6-12 of Food 4 Less) which would rule the night. For a new league, HVDD has some serious talent in its ranks—like BrakeHer 1/9, who put the Rebellion on the scoreboard first with a series of aggressive jams. But, just when it looked like the Rebellion might be rolling toward a blowout, Sirens jammers Cookie and Pain In the Nikki dragged their team into the lead with 7-and 14-point jams, respectively. From there, the top score was traded back-and-forth until Su-Su Sudio turned in a 15-point jam that put the Sirens comfortably ahead at the half. Score at halftime: Sirens of Steel 61, Rollin’ Rebellion 40.

That lead didn’t last long, nor did Su-Su Sudio: She went down hard in the fourth turn midway through the second half and didn’t get back up, bringing the bout to a lengthy halt before EMTs rolled her out on a stretcher with a broken left leg. With one of the Sirens’ strongest jammers out of the picture, the Rebellion took full advantage when play resumed; Bloody 2 Shoes soon inched her team into the lead, then Chiquita WabamYa returned the Rebellion to their earlier dominance with a 20-point lead. Sirens Cookie and Pain In the Nikki again poured on the speed in a handful of last-ditch jams, but couldn’t catch the Rebellion before the last whistle. Final score: Rollin’ Rebellion 106, Sirens of Steel 100.

Next Happy Valley Derby Darlins bout: Saturday, April 21 in Spanish Fork. Info: Full local derby schedule here: Utah Roller Derby 2012.

Shots from Saturday’s bout by Liquor’n Shooter (Rollin’ Rebellion in purple, Sirens of Steel in orange):









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