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Roller Derby: Junction City Flattens Taco Kickers 176-70

by Bill Frost
- Posted // 2011-08-22 - Saturday, Aug. 20: Ogden’s Junction City Roller Dolls faced off against Everett, Wash.’s NorthWest Taco Kickers, a travel-only “rogue” team with no ties to a league. They’re rebels, Dottie.

The Taco Kickers may look menacing on the flat-track, and team captain KimPending Doom has the glint of pure evil in her eyes, but JCRD’s all-star Trainwrecks easily took them apart on the offense: After the Kickers scored the initial points, JCRD’s three-pronged jam attack of Killa Patra, Clam Jammer and Malibu Harpy ran up and then ran away with the board, despite NW’s formidable defensive pack. Score at the half: JCRD Trainwrecks 90, NW Taco Kickers 27.

The Trainwrecks were playing hard and fast, but not necessarily clean: Before the end of the bout’s second half, both team captain Wee Smasha and Rage’n Red were tossed from the game for racking up excessive penalties. Not that it provided the Taco Kickers with any kind of edge, as they were down by at least 90 points for most of the second half; not even some last-minute jam rallies by NW’s Just Judy and Minnie Pearl Harbor could tighten the gap. Final score: JCRD Trainwrecks 176, NW Taco Kickers 70.

Shots from JCRD vs. NW Taco Kickers bout (JCRD in blue, NW in green):






Part 2 of the night’s double-header bout saw Junction City Roller Dolls home teams Hilltop Aces and After Shocks in a rematch of the Shocks’ debut back in April, when they upset the Aces 142-112. Rematch, but no repeat: After rolling point-for-point for the first several jams, the Hilltop Aces began pulling ahead incrementally, thanks to aggressive scoring runs by Miss Take, Tic Tac Flo, Killa Patra and Malibu Harpy. Score at halftime: Hilltop Aces 54, After Shocks 47.

After Shocks jammers Wreck N’ Glamour and Clam Jammer poured on the sweat and speed, but were outmatched by the Hilltop Aces’ impressive scoring lineup. In particular, Ace Malibu Harpy is proving herself to be a league MVP, a fast and, equally important, smart player who sees defensive holes where no one else does and shoots through them like a laser. Final score: Hilltop Aces 135, After Shocks 65.

Next Junction City Roller Dolls bout: A double-header at Davis Conference Center on Saturday, Sept. 17, a double-header featuring the Trainwrecks taking on SLC’s Wasatch Roller Derby, and JCRD’s Hilltop Aces vs. Railway Banditas. Tickets and info: and

Shots from Hilltop Aces vs. After Shocks bout (Aces in blue, Shocks in orange):






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