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Preview(s): Louie on FX

by Bill Frost
- Posted // 2011-03-30 - The second season of comedian Louis C.K.’s hysterically uncomfortable Louie is coming this June on FX. That’s all I know: June.

It’ll be paired with the bizarre new Elijah Wood series Wilfred—which I’ve seen, and it’s twisted, dark and yet kinda sweet. Back to Louie: Whenever the hell in June it premieres, Team True TV (which is pretty much just me) is working on throwing live, free screening at Brewvies Cinema Pub; stay tuned for details on that (if we/I can make it happen).

In the meantime, get warmed up with not one, not two, but 10 previews from Season 2 of Louie right here:

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Posted // April 12,2011 at 19:20

I got so into this show last season I was really dissapointed when it was over! I was really relieved to hear that they had picked up the series for another season. I work in the TV industry for Dish Network and I usually get disappointed when I show I get into gets canceled when it shouldn't have been just like what happened to The Good Guys. I wont be missing out though thankfully, but with my busy schedule I'll have to stream a few of the episodes to my phone but thats why I have a Sling Adapter so I can take my TV with me everywhere.