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I pledge to find the humor in Ruzicka

by Jesse Fruhwirth
- Posted // 2009-09-02 -

Gayle Ruzicka has determined that "if it's yellow, let it mellow" is leftist propaganda. Set aside your animosity toward Ruzicka, and please join me in a big, full-belly laugh.

Remember when Obama, the former community organizer, said he was going to promote community service? A video was made to promote this initiative, featuring Hollywood stars and Obama's disembodied voice. After Obama's intro, the celebrities make certain pledges, like "I pledge to smile more" and "I'm going to start by using less bottled water."

Gayle went ballistic when she received complaints from parents that the video was shown at an elementary school assembly, Lisa Schenkner reports this morning.

My gosh, Gayle, don't you have scarier dragons to slay? Would you have been concerned in 1991 when I was in 2nd grade and George H.W. Bush came to Bismarck, North Dakota, and everyone in my school went down to the capitol grounds to watch Bush plant a special tree? If I remember correctly, that was a part of wacky-leftist Earth Day. OH MY GOD, the president, a Republican president, was spreading leftist propoganda!! The president also gave each little student a pine tree of his or her own to take home and plant. Oh for shame!

Anyway, don't get mad, readers. Just laugh. Utah would not be the same without Gayle. We owe her thanks for being so colorful. Her power is waning, I promise. Not only that, but chica sells papers, so we in the media owe her more thanks than most. I'll forgive you if you want to be salty with her, especially if you have personal history with her, but don't get mad, get glad!

I make my own pledge. I pledge to find the humor in Gayle Ruzicka before ever getting angry at her.

Watch the entire "pledge" video below.

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