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Sundance 2013: Locals Best Bets Jan. 24

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2013-01-24 -

It's an icy Salt Lake City day, but the shows go one for local Sundancers.

Tonight's Ogden offering is one of the festival's best: the delightful coming-of-age comedy The Way, Way Back. The only thing that doesn't make it the obvious choice for absolutely everyone with a Locals Express Pass is the fact that it's not possible to see both that film and the flat-out best of the fest, Before Midnight. I think I may have written a few words about that one already.

If you've been lucky enough to catch those already, consider some of the promising documentaries, including a look at orcas in captivity in Blackfish, and director Alex Gibney's exploration of WikiLeaks in We Steal Secrets.

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