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Sundance 2012: Locals Best Bets 1/24

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2012-01-24 -

Do your tastes tend towards the subtly emotional, or the genuinely experimental? Both options are available today to SLC Sundancers.

Word on the Park City street has been strong for The End of Love, writer/director/star Mark Webber's story of a guy forced to be a father to his son for the first time. The early evening slot also offers a pair of New Frontier films, including The Perception of Moving Targets' four loosely connected chapters.

For the late evening, it's more New Frontier (including the Frontier Shorts program), plus Bones Brigade, the new documentary from director Stacy Peralta (Dogtown & Z-Boys, Riding Giants) providing a first-person account of a groundbreaking skateboard crew.

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