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Now-a-Dollar Jan. 13

by Scott Renshaw
Posted // 2012-01-12 -

Gods, penguins and Adam Sandler invade Utah's second-run movie theaters this weekend.

Immortals is director Tarsem Singh's vision of conflict between gods and mortals for something or other. CW's MaryAnn Johanson's positive review described it as "pretty much completely bonkers; that is its secret, and its glory."

Similarly completely bonkers, though not at all glorious, is Happy Feet Two, the animated sequel that finds Mumble (Elijah Wood) dealing with a threat to his colony and his family. The narrative is a complete mess of characters on different journeys, some of which only vaguely relate to the others.

And finally, there's Jack and Jill, with Adam Sandler as both a Los Angeles ad-agency owner and his annoying sister -- though "annoying" is certainly a relative term where Sandler is concerned. At this point, it feels like he's just stopped trying, throwing out high-concept comedies that double as parties for his friends, without even a pretense of making them interesting.

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