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Now-a-Dollar Nov 4

by Scott Renshaw
Posted // 2011-11-03 -

A pair of family-oriented films -- including the most successful animated feature of all time -- lead the new arrivals at local bargain theaters.

That most-successful-animated-film-of-all-time would be The Lion King, which was retro-fitted for a 3D re-release this fall. It's still the same "Hamlet on the savannah" story a generation has come to know and love, only now the "circle of life" is apparently a sphere.

On the opposite end of the box-office success scale is The Mighty Macs, which appeared and disappeared from local first-run theaters just two weeks ago. The fact-based inspirational drama told the story of the 1971-1972 Immaculata College women's basketball team, which wound up competing for the first-ever college women's basketball championship.

Finally, the romantic comedy What's Your Number provided a showcase for Anna Faris as a woman so worried that her sexual history makes her unlikely ever to get married that she tries to track down all her ex-lovers to see if one of them might be a keeper. The desperate sadness of the premise aside, there are a few nice moments for Faris and Chris Evans as her hunky neighbor, even if the comedy rarely moves beyond obvious humiliation and raunchiness.

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