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Now-a-Dollar Dec. 23

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2010-12-23 -

With your Christmas spending out of the way, you may be looking for entertainment on the cheap. This week's new bargain-theater debuts are mostly ones that were well worth waiting for.

The romantic dramedy Life As We Know It boasted one of the most head-smacking concepts of the entire year: Two people (Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel) who were known to hate each other have to raise a baby together because their tragically deceased "friends" named them co-caretakers in their will. Even if you don't find the characters individually unpleasant, you'll grieve for the poor child whose birth parents were so painfully stupid, and whose new parents are just plain painful.

Feel-good real-life sports drama comes in the form of Secretariat, with Diane Lane as the housewife who inherits the race horse destined to make history. John Malkovich may provide some color in both is wardrobe and his performance as Secretariat's eccentric trainer, but there's very little here beyond genre formula.

And then there's the genre formula provided by Jackass 3 and Saw: The Final Chapter -- both of which featured "3D" in their initial release titles, but will be in good old 2D in bargain theaters. If what they offer was ever going to appeal to you, chances are you caught them during their first go-round.

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Posted // December 25,2010 at 08:17

Thanks for the reviews. However, I hope people are not turned off against LIFE AS WE KNOW IT from your comments, because my daughter and I thought it was a good movie. True, the characters hate each other, when they are such beautiful people that nobody can believe that for a minute, and yes, it takes an entire movie for them to "find" each other (even though they are forced to share a house with the infant), and yes, anybody who seriously thinks they won't end up together has slept thru too many Hollywood comedies, but - all that given - it was a good movie, and money (especially if you can find it for a dollar) well spent.