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Film Critic Tricks

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2010-12-06 -

Every occupation based on commentary and analysis has its regrettable lapses into cliche: political pundits, sportscasters, and, yes, critics.

A Twitter hashtag (#filmcritictricks) initiated by film blogger Matt Zoller Seitz is circulating today, allowing film critics either to cop to their own unfortunate shorthand, or to call colleagues on theirs. "If you hate a movie that you know will be popular, say that the film 'will please its intended audience,'" offers Mike McGranaghan of; "Chastise readers for not turning out to support the theatrical release of a little film you saw via DVD screener," chimes in Seitz himself.

We spend plenty of time dishing it out, so now it's time to take it: What over-used phrases or "film-critic-speak" drives you nuts?

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