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Sri Support

by Scott Renshaw
- Posted // 2010-05-17 -

There are plenty of ways to support local artists, and plenty of reasons to support them. Sri Whipple may need a little more support than most at the moment.

The Salt Lake City visual artist was the victim of a recent beating that left him with a fractured cheekbone and a pile of medical bills -- reportedly because Sri Whipple made the Good Samaritan "mistake" of trying to break up a fight. Because Whipple, like many visual artists, lacks health insurance, local musician Brad Wheeler has set up a website so that people in the community can help defray the cost of Whipple's medical expenses. In a message on the website from Wheeler himself, the artist offers to thank those who contribute with "a limited edition silk screen (most likely of my swollen mug)." That level of dark good humor about the situation is just one more reason to help him out.

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Posted // May 18,2010 at 08:31

What is the current total of Sri's medical bills and what are they for? Post 'em and show everybody how ridiculous they are.

Has Sri applied with the hospital/caregiver for a sliding-scale reduction in his bills? This is common and fairly easy to do. Because of his situation, I'd wager he could reduce his bills by nearly half before paying anything on them.

Applying for a bill reduction before paying down the medical bills may prevent our health care system from systematically raping Sri's wallet and any donations he receives will go much further in eradicating this burden.


Posted // May 19,2010 at 11:54 - No, really. I'd like to review an itemized list of the med bills. This show those who are not familiar with such things how ridiculous the bills are. And, I love Sri's art and am sorry that he's suffered through this ordeal, but when somebody asks total strangers to help them pay their medical bills, I think it's only fair that the bills be disclosed. If I am to donate money, I'd like to know what it is for and how much is needed. I was dead serious about Sri applying for assistance with the hospital. It exists and is not difficult to get so long as you're, well, no other way to say it but poor. If Sri were to do this and was accepted, his bills would be reduced before having to apply donations, which would go further toward eradicating his debt. It is only logical to at least try. I'm waiting with check in hand.